SupaQuasar - Yet Another Interesting Power Cable from IFI




Looks really interesting…

Would like to try them with my 500wpc Class AB amps.

That’s the missing part to my still.


The very opposite of the Puritan power cables.

It’s compelling.

@vkennedy61 trombone came to mind initially but now I can definitely see how it’s equally at home in a distillery.

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Is that an electric heating element? I pass this time, can’t fit the room behind my rack!

I wonder if they made it look like rigid RF cabling on purpose?

Agree about the rigid appearance. Also wonder why they don’t have a 20A version since it’s designed for high current amplifiers.

Do I need a plumber to install this thing?

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No, but an .8 N-m torque wrench might be needed (inside joke for those who know :wink:).

I’m thinking it’s a piss poor CAD rendering not the actual part. Maybe.

Isn’t this flexible?!