Surface Go Control Program

Rather than using an iPad or Android to run JRiver’s control apps, JRemote or Gizmo, I would like to use a Surface Go running Windows 10 Home as a control device to a Surface Pro 6 running JRiver with the music files on an external 1T SSD with an USB 3.0 interface. Are there any software programs that I can use on the Surface Go? I am currently using the DS Bridge II with JRemote and mConnect control on an iPad and have also tried GIZMO and BubbleUPnP on a Samsung tablet, but I would like to use the Surface Go if possible. Thanks.

On a Mac you could just turn on screen sharing. I would imagine something similar is possible in Windows (for example, my company’s tech support people can take over my screen) but I don’t know the best way to go about it.

You can easily activate the Remote Desktop function on both windows, or use a VNC server on the pro, and a client on the Go

I use a Surfafe Go connected to my windows desktop via tightVNC. Works like a charm. Fast and stable.