Using a tablet to stream to PS Audio Stremer

We have a DirectStream DAC with the bridge card. Can I use an Android tablet to stream to it? Also, any free to use Apps recommended for doing this?

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Yes you can use iOS or Android. Check

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How buggy is it ?

I never encountered any issues with it. It is fine with UPNP, Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz. If you are a Tidal subscriber, I recently noticed that Bridge II no longer shows MQA logo when you stream Tidal using mConnect. Roon however, still shows both the green and blue logos depending on sampling frequency being decoded.

MConnect is a free app we recommend and yes, you can certainly use an Android tablet to control the Bridge.

mconnectControl certainly works.

FWIW, I much prefer the Roon and JRiver Media Center control apps.

They are not free, but they are clearly superior in my experience. Moreover, I think JRMC actually sounds better overall as a music management/streaming software.



Imho using an Android tablet BubbleUPnP is the way go…:+1:

Roon has my :+1: as well! Mconnect is fine, I’m just not a huge fan of its user interface. Roon’s is a lot more friendly.

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When I initially bought DSD / Bridge II in 2019 for about $6k, I tried free apps, but eventually realised sound quality, music management (both local and streaming services) ease of use, and editorials were something else with Roon. I look back and regret not hopping on the band wagon early. Very well spent money.

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