Synergistic Research Duplexes, Any Users?

I know that many of you are fans of Synergistic Research’s fuses, especially the Purple. I have a Purple in my PP3 that improved the sound quality. Has anyone tried their Duplexes (outlets)? It looks like they range from the $95 Tesla to the $295 Purple. So, quite a bit more expensive than a $49 PowerPort Classic.

I have only used the PSA Outlets for lesser systems, and the Furutech GTX NCF outlet kit (bundle) for our P20.


Thanks. I’ve seen good reviews for the Furutech. The technology certainly sounds impressive.

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If you’re going to spend $200, take a look at this one. I had my Audience aR2p conditioner retrofitted with this receptacle on an upgrade.

I also use Furutech FPX, and Hubbell Hospital receptacles. As long as the grip is premium, it’s hard to go wrong. The receptacle is an extension of the wall Romex.


I have the Audioquest outlet. It works well and the price was right (free).

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