Please Share Empirical Experience with Shunyata Gear

I am starting this post because I think there are a lot of folks in this forum that have real world experience with Shunyata products in their setups. I learned a lot about this gear by perusing through a bunch of different threads and personally messaging some folks with experience in the gear. My hope is that people with actual experience with these products will share their wisdom on this thread to make it easier for folks to learn about how this gear can compliment our systems.

With that said I personally have just tried out a variety of their power cables and conditioners over the past 3 months. To sum it up, I have been floored at the improvement that the power cables have generated in my system. I honestly can’t believe that I just spent $2400 for a Sigma NR cable to feed my PS Audio P15 PowerPlant. It doesn’t seem to make economic sense to attach a chord of that price to a component that I ultimately paid $5k for, yet I am not going to remove that cable from the P15. I am outfitting all my components with the Alpha NR cables or Sigma NR cables. It seems like a ridiculous amount of money for power cables but I have found that the resolution of my system has greatly increased with these additions. My Maggie 20.7’s have never sounded better through my BHK 300’s and the associated PS Audio gear.

I also tried out a couple of their conditioners versus the P15. I live in a condo complex with 200 units and a bunch of dirty power which is an ideal setting for the P15 to improve my set up. I first tried the Shunyata Hydra Sigma Conditioner and it just did not work as well as the P15. The soundstage and dynamics where just less than they where with the P15. I then tried the Denali S6 v2 conditioner and found that it was a dead heat with the P15. I am keeping the P15 but I was surprised that the Denali with its passive approach could match the P15 in my setup. Obviously people may have different experiences than me. Hoping folks will share their knowledge on this gear.


Yes, Shunyata products and their approach to noise reduction has been an
ongoing back and forth for me. I have a full PSA BHK rig plus P20 and Maggie’s.
It started with a P15 and Denali shoot


Oops… to continue…shootout and they both had their merits, quiet vs.
dynamic, and I gave the final nod to the P20. Tried the same with SR Alpha
and Iconoclast cables and, again, like the black background of the Alphas
but the imaging and definition of the Ico’s won. As for power cords, really
liked Alphas vs. a bunch of others and the Sigma on the P20. Have these
cords on all the gear now. Recently tried an Alpha Hydra with similar results,
great noise reduction but not the dynamics of the P20. The bottom line for
me is the SR power cords are a keeper and mate well with PS gear. The
conditioners and interconnects are first rate but PSA and Iconoclast are
more true to the source.


I don’t own any Shunyata power cables yet. I have their Sigma level clock (x3) and AES/EBU (x1) cables and they are great.


I have a very large investment in Shunyata cables.
I have Sigma NR’s on P20, power amp and DSD. The improvement of the DSD with the Sigma was a huge surprise. Alpha NR’s on everything else.

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As I’m poor, mean and prefer to spend my money on opera, ballet and travel, I “only” have 3 x Delta EF and a Venom UK6. The Venom replaced my old power plant.

I was loaned a cable by my dealer. The improvement was obvious.


I was running all Delta NRs but recently put a Sigma on my P20 and another Sigma on my DSD. I was sad to clearly hear a wonderful upgrade to the sound of my system. Sad because they are so very expensive. I like the results though.

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New Shunyata v2 power cables coming soon. The Alpha v2 will be priced the same as Sigma v1. No doubt Sigma v2 is going to be more eye-watering on price.

I owned the Shunyata Denali 6000S with Alpha NR and liked it. I was convinced to try an Inakustik 3500P with an Inakustic power cord. I then realized that the Shunyata was constricting my power amp, Gryphon Diablo 120. With dac, server, amp, and sub plugged into the Inakustik, the dynamics improved along with a deeper and wider soundstage. I heard no downside to the Inakustik. It was less expensive to boot!


I decided to dip my toes in the Shunyata NR pool with a Delta NR. The Cable was used in a rotation with a Siltech SPX - 800 . The Siltech’s have their own NR construction and it was comparable. Albeit for less money than Siltech. I’ll eventually jump on the Sigma pile on.

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I tried a Delta NR for a 5 weeks on my P10 feeding everything else then tried a 4.5awg ‘The 5’ from NRG Custom cables in Canada.

I sent the Delta NR back to Music Direct. No change in ‘noise’ levels (already very low) but the dynamics with the 4.5awg took a moderate uptick.

I’ve since added Nawaz’s 6.5awg to my DS DAC.

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Re: NRG Cables, I use 3 of the .5’s in 5 foot length and 1 .5 in a non standard 10ft. length. These are exceptional for the price. The “bigger pipe” made me dial back the Volume pot on my BHK pre by 25%. They replaced AC12’s from PS Audio.

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I’m really intrigued by the .5 NRG cable - so tempting as I can buy for each for my DSD, BHK-Pre, and Innuos all for the price of one Alpha NR.

I already know I could never afford 3 Alpha NR cables for my components and wonder if the 3x NRG approach would give a better overall experience vs. 1x Alpha NR on my DSD.

Nobody can tell you that with surety. You have to hear it for yourself.
That said, I’ve wasted a lot of money on cables. But now, after harsh lessons, I’m using Shunyata power and Iconoclast signal, I’m done thinking about cables.
But that’s my taste on my system.
I’m sure this doesn’t help a bit…

Same here. Not piling on, just happy with SR Alpha/Sigma cords and Iconoclast
OCC/SMP cable combo. Now on to other tweets and tribulations.

Another Shunyata power, Iconoclast signal setup here. I’ve never regretted my Shunyata power cord purchases.


It does seem Shunyata have a nice synergy with PS Audio and I am a buy once and don’t worry later type of person…no choice but to save more pennies!

Another Iconoclast owner here, definitely no regrets.

I have 2 NRG cables in my closet. I liked them but went on the upgrade path. Happy to sell them at half the price I paid for them. Honestly need to look up the email exchange I had to know the price

Have you ever reached out to Pete at Triode Wire Labs about his trial period? His shop is in Massapequa Park and like Shunyata he has PC’s for both analog and digital gear.

I don’t have empirical/objective data, but here are my subjective opinions regarding the Shunyata Sigma NR power cables on my P20: