Syng, the future of audio?

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on these? Just read a blurb in Wired and thought they sounded kind of interesting. Kind of expensive to take a gamble on though.

Didn’t Paul and Arnie try a spherical speaker?

Reminds me a bit of the Bose “direct/reflecting” marketing-speak from back in the day.

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Or this - immersive sound and cicadian lighting, motion sensors and more to be added. Connects to anything, Alexa etc.

I have serious doubts about it, but who knows?? Maybe it will be great sounding. But, I’d need first to have ears I trust praising it, and then at least a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Not much as far as specifications

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Nope. Closest we got was a round speaker or, more accurately, a somewhat of a “D” shape.

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Way short on specifics of how and why this speaker is any different in principle than many other attempts in the past (and present) to offer an ‘immersive experience’. This is what I found on the very sparse, 100% marketing oriented ‘About’ page:

’ We’ve created an entirely new object-based sonic architecture that can play any format of recorded sound and make it tangible.’

Say what? As an engineer I know what I’m thinking of when I think ‘object-based’ or ‘object-oriented’ and it has nothing to do with speaker drivers, cross-overs or enclosures.

I’ll keep an open mind. But blather like that is, well, a turn-off.

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I think their goal is the aesthetic not the specific details. Few of us are likely in their target demographic.

You could be forgiven for mistaking it for this.

My real concern is this:

I like some of the ideas of this speaker. The mid/tweeter arrangement is a coaxial where the mid fires through those little perforations near the tweeter. I like the danley/synergy horn version of this better (this is more like some pro line array setups) but I bet this still works well.

Force cancelling subwoofers work well, also, an omni speaker with beamforming stuff (based on proximity to a wall) is something that a number of smart speaker people have done pretty successfully.

This appears to be kind of like a devialet phantom with a configurable directivity (that the speaker decides on form omni to more directional). B&O does a much more advanced version of this thing in their big flagship speakers but this is kind of along the sample conceptual lines.

However, this isn’t really about “stereo” and is more of a lifestyle thing and the cosmetics remind me a bit of the old Harman “soundsticks” polycarbonate computer speakers.


I was looking in the online shop for the optional goldfish.

Those Harmon Kardon speakers look familiar

Those Syng’s are probably just another case of form over function.