system electrical distribution question


Just wanted a general opinion, I have 2 Halo JC-1 solid state mono blocks with a Halo JC-2 line stage preamp, Perfect Wave dac and transport and Sound Lab Majestic electrostatic speakers, I have 1 PS Audio P-10, would you guys plug everything into the P-10 or run the JC-1`s into seperate non regenerated circuits?


I would plug everything into the P10, including the electrostats. Someday you might want a separate P10 for the amps, but for now, this will sound far better than a separate approach into the wall. >:D<



As Paul states above, I would try your amps into your P10 with everything else. I was highly resistant to trying this with my amp and wanted to keep it on its own dedicated 20amp line, but was pleasantly suprised when I finally tried it with my new P10. The only way to know what sounds best is to try it. You have nothing to loose, and if you don’t like it just go back to your amps plugged directly into their own AC line. Just my 2 cents. :))