System Photos!

Agree - I’ve had the P3 for over 5 years. It has performed very well over the years. It easily handles my current system since the PS Audio amps draw a very little power. It’s a really great unit!

Yep…my P3 has only broken down twice in 3+ years…it holds the record for the most reliable thing they’ve ever sold me. No complaints, they even repaired it for free despite being out-of-warranty. I’ve been quite happy with it, if only they restored the remote PowerPlay function.

We have an acer PC in the closet that is our Roon server and has our my CDs ripped on it. We have a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Dac, Stellar S300 Amp, NAD CD Player, Rega RP1 Turntable, Kef LS50 speakers, and a Sonore microRendu streamer. We are using Audioquest cables. It’s so nice to come home and put on record, or listen to Tidal, and ripped CDs on Roon. Lately we’ve been downloading DSD Blue Note recordings. So much fun! One thing I love about this system is the detail you can get at moderate volume. We live in a small condo, so we don’t crank the volume. " Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."


This looks like a great little system and I love the twin subs. How’s it image?

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I"m not on the mailing list but I’m sure that I’m appreciated!

Nice! What are the tube amps in the picture and what’s their function?

Thank you very much Paul. The twin subs are getting their signal from the single ended outputs of the Stellar, the amps (bridged mono) are getting the balanced outputs. I want to connect the subs the way you suggest, via high level input coming from the amps, but I’m missing one of the high level connectors for one of the subs. I have no idea where it vanished to. I’ll have to order one from JL.

As for imaging, it’s fair. This room screws that up for me unfortunately. The right wall is about 4’ away, the left wall is WAY over on the other side of the kitchen/dining area, about 12’ away. On top of that, it has a vaulted ceiling, 8’ on the right, 13’ on the left.

Try as I might, I can not get any speaker setup in this room to disappear.

This is great though I wonder about the speakers being so close to the sidewalls. Obviously you don’t have a lot of room to do otherwise but I wonder about perhaps some treatment?

Thanks Paul. I don’t have much control over the room - especially the window treatments. :grin: I had to set up in the right corner of the room’s long wall. The right speaker is roughly 30" from the wall and the left speaker is nowhere near the left wall. The first pics don’t show it but I have temporary acoustic absorption panels at the first reflection point for both speakers. Whenever health allows, I’ll be back in the wood shop making wooden diffuser panels (purchased Acoustic Fields plans) to replace the absorption panels. The right speaker is roughly in the spot (front wall distance v. side wall distance) suggested by Focal. I’ve moved the speakers around quite a bit. The current locations give the best results so far. However, I’m sure they will keep moving as I am always tweaking…

My long term goal is to convince the local planning commission (spouse) to relocate the room’s furniture so I can set up at the short wall, add diffusers, etc. The patio door taking up most of the short wall will present problems but I think with some planning I could get it to work.


I am using the Mac mini as a Roon endpoint.

This angle’s very informative relative to the first one. Thanks for that. I feel better.

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Ok, as everyone “läßt die Hosen runter”, I’ll join in and share my system.
I can’t get it all in one shot though, as the system is on the other side of the room, away from the loudspeakers and listening position.

For serious listening I push our living room table 1 m back (to avoid a bad room mode/bass cancelation) and use a curtain in front of the window to absorb the first reflection.


The setup in the room is far from perfect, it’s a family living room. The placing overall is wrong, to close to the wall, no bass traps, broadband absorption etc. The interesting thing: it sounds amazing. I always wonder, how would this setup sound, when it had a chance to be placed and treated in an optimal way?


I used my Macbook Pro as Core and Endpoint. Until the logic board fried and turned it into a brick… Repair was no option, so I switched to a separated, dedicated Roon setup. These are the times when you are happy to still own a turntable and physical media :wink:

Man I love this thread - dunno how it took us so long to get one up and running. Here’s what I’m running at home:

Dynaudio Focus 160s driven by M700 monos and fed by a Gain Cell DAC. I use a Chromecast Audio over optical to get music from Qobuz and my computer to the system. TT is a Rega P3 with a GCPH. Cables are Anti-cables and AQ.

This pic is from when I first moved into my new place and the system has changed some since then. I added Anti-Cable XLRs between the GCD and M700s which helped with clarity and detail retrieval. I also added a sub - some no name hand-me-down that I’ve got a bit of mixed feelings about; and finally I pulled the speakers waaaaayyy forward - up to the edge of the rug. I also toed them out. Imaging and sound staging got way better when I did.

And last but not least I put some art on the walls, it helps out a lot with imaging :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonus round, here’s my old office rig (I’ve since sold the Woo but I do miss it sometimes):


Source: Rotel rcd 971, PC running Tidal via Audirvana plus.
Pre/Dac: Stellar GCD
Power amps: M700
Speakers: Goldenear Triton one
Cables: Canare XLR interconects and Canare speaker cables


:open_mouth: Are those all external hard drives on the bottom shelf? I’m guessing they’re for movies and music, right? Or is your music library just absolutely massive?

Great looking system, by the way. The Stellar stack worked wonderfully with the Triton’s we showed at Axpona last year.

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Hi Paul,

The Tube amp is on the left and the power supply is on the right. It’s a WOO Audio WA5-LE headphone amp. I’m in good company, Elk has the same headphone amp. I use it to drive Focal Utopia headphones.

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Thanks Schroedster! The Tritons do go well with the Stellars
Yes, most of the HDD’S are for movies. I am guessing all that vibrations from the HDD’s can’t be to good for the sound quality… I should relocate them

Well Brodric, all I can say is that you are as sharp as a bloody tack!
And Yes, I can agree with you that the picture I posted only has the right speaker in the frame.
No doubt about it, there are no flies on you!

Fair dimkum there cobber especially for a Bogan!

And all the more so in that you are at the end of the earth way down under on the left side, which is all the more remarkable.
Good luck mate!

Oh and BTW, to put your mind and eyes to rest, I am including the Left Speaker so you don’t get your Nickers in a twist.

I hope that chills you out…
Cheers mate!



Here are pics of main listening room system and L/R system. Speakers are Reference 3A Grand Veenas and Veenas in L/R. Subs are from an old Wisdom system with active crossover. Power cords are Purist Audio and Nordost. A P10 powers the main system with no sweat on a dedicated line. It’s a curious system, mostly bought used. No wife approval needed.