System Photos!

Transitioned the Rega RP10 to skeleton mode and loving the results. Have ordered the Planar 10 minimalist dust cover for the table. Love those fine tweaks that cost almost nothing.


Thank you very much for the great information.
I will do some research on the product. I do love the way it looks.

I adore that table. I’m on a Planar 3 at the moment, one day I’ll build up to the 10.

The arm alone is a thing of absolutely precise beauty.

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Thanks for sharing. Good info.

Thanks for sharing. I subscribed to his YouTube channel.

well, funny story. RELs are going back.

I think I’ll stick with the MINX subs. (Need to get a second X301, tho.)

@RonP Looks very cute and small above the huge PASS amplifier! What speakers are you driving them with?

Zu Audio Soul Supremes


Few changes … (Like everything) but sold the amp and pre and went integrated. Went from Wilson back to Dyn (they are my fav for sure). Other than spray painting the Sr black, I should be done for a while (I tell myself that cause it sounds so logical).


Beautiful! I’m a huge Dyn fan myself. I’ve been pleased with their speakers more often and Wilson…


i found that wooden blind-shades improves the sound…the glass reflectiveness is basically neutralized and probably helps with SQ with defraction as well…

aside from that, those bookshelf speakers look like toys or knickknacks…


That is a mighty integrated amp. Nice Mark & Levinson. No shortage in bass I assume. Are those SVS OR velodyne?

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I was thinking JL Subs. But I have been know to be wrong before in life.

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Those are JL Fathom 113’s. I also have a high pass 80Hz filter so the Dyns and JLs are not treading on each others playground. Also, watching a 4 inch travel excursion is kinda fun… Seriously though, the bass is incredibly tight and balanced when needed (Thanks to You-Boz Scaggs) and disappears when not called for per the music. I was a REL guy but these are awesome (REL is as well of course)

Thanks for the comments… I like the aesthetics, balance and sound this system produces…


Those are for the TV. For general morning background Spotify music and typical TV, those are what are playing and the sound great compared to a soundbar. They are just little Audioengine A2’s. For most anything else the full system comes on.


Thank you- the sound is of course the goal. I am a big REL fan but heard a lot about JL. The 113 is the best sub I have heard but to be fair, I have never owned a comparable REL SHO for instance. I tried a 2nd sub after reading so much material (including from Paul) on “stereo” subs… Obviously the bass is overkill if you look at capacity, but dialed in, it does really add a whole measure of music the Dyn’s don’t possess on their own. Not sure many speakers do.

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As far as I understand there ain’t nothing like overkill. More power means headroom and headroom means that all components Have a chance to operate in their linear range/characteristic which means cleaner sound.

My living room is too small for separate subs so I have these puppies on my bucket list:
Abacus Oscara 210
They are also available as Oscara 212, all active in my living room the 10” model will provide sufficient clean bass.

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I have a single JL F112 and a pair of REL SHO/3 and the comparison is quite interesting. I’d used the JL F112 for several years and when I bought the REL subs I was quite surprised at how different they sounded. The REL subs sound tighter, their definition of pitch is more accurate, and they contribute a greater degree of ambient sound clues in the recording venue vs. the F112 but the JL gives the greater impression of power and slam. Each sub has particular characteristics that could augment different speakers deficiencies and positive attributes.

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Exactly. Could not of said it better myself. And those 210’s you are looking at look like an awesome choice. Learn something new everyday as I was not familiar with them.