System Photos!


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Everyone smoked heavily in those days.

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Probably all kinds of cigarette brands available for his friends.

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not quite smoking/tobacco related, but a questionable behavior nonetheless: my nervous habit of building speaker stands

Basic oak. Some nice quartersawn detail. Speakers are Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus. Not sure where they’ll live at this point.


Do you fill them with anything? Shot?

I drilled a 1.5" hole in the bottom, and my plan is to fill them with something.

I have some play sand, but i probably need to dry it out.

Might go to Lowe’s or somewhere to see if they have kiln-dried sand, which might be better on that front. I’ll probably put a big plastic bag in the hole and then use a funnel to fill the bag. Ahdunno.

I don’t want them to be too heavy. They’re already heavy as is.

Again, I have no idea what the plan is for these. Just needed to build something! :crazy_face:

edit: i wonder if pea gravel might be the plan. might dry out easier/quicker than sand.

I was thinking about gravel as well. Plenty of mass, not nearly as messy as sand, and it’s most likely going to be very dry when you buy it already bagged. It’s going to be heavy no matter what.

In the past I’ve built stands as well. Back when I did the price of shot wasn’t nearly as insane as it is now so that’s what I used. They were so heavy I used a hand truck to move them from my shop to the house.

Are you using Blu-tack to keep the speakers in place?

I have some, but I haven’t used it yet. Right now the speakers just have some felt feet on the bottom.

I do have some of these hudson hi-fi rubber hemisphere bumpers. Might use them.

I have deeply embedded “fear of Airedale” when it comes to anything that can be knocked off it’s perch. They mean well and are just stupid happy. But, when it comes to play, there are times when we may get a little rambunctious.

I would like to suggest using these under each of your speaker stands spike cones: they made huge improvement for my system and for the price you can’t go wrong.


haha, i hear ya. But my dog doesn’t get involved in anything like that.

And my kids are grown.

And I fired the cleaning lady a few years back.


I have some of those. If I kept the speakers on the hardwood floor, I could do that, but I think they’ll wind up residing on the carpet in the basement.

they look good enough to eat!



Here is what I did for use on my carpet in the living room (16" x 16" x 2" pavers from Home Depot).


you are waaaaaaaay more dedicated than I am on that front