System Photos!

Tidbits: Sound 80 is recognized as the world’s first digital recording studio and Orfield Labs’ anechoic chamber is the quietest place on earth (it is routinely featured on news shows, etc.)


Wow. Talk about your blast from the past. I’d forgotten all about Sound 80.

Not a whole system photo, but a “new” PS stack, thanks to the recent addition of M700 monoblocks to my 11-month old SGCD. That’s an old P500 regenerator at the bottom.


Nice and clean :+1:

Can you describe what happens to the music, when you put the P500 out of the system?

Unfortunately I can’t at the moment, for several reasons - I’m still in the process of running in the amps and I don’t want to change the setup right now, plus with the equipment and its locations on the shelves, the act of rearranging the power for everything is a time consuming and difficult endeavor, and if that weren’t enough, we’re in the process of getting ready to leave on vacation.

There’s a good chance I could in a few weeks, especially as I’m considering a new P3 to take its place, and it would be good to go into that with a couple of solid benchmarks (with it and without it) for comparison.

Understood. Sounds like a good plan. Have a great vacation!

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Latest PSA acquisitions (Used Stellar P3 and DMP) in their natural environment.


[Edit: Sorry about the turned image. Does not appear that way on my phone/don’t know how to fix it.]
[Edit II: Thanks to ELK for rotating my pic!]


The phone set the image to be displayed sideways. I rotated the image and reloaded it.


That’s really kind of you Elk…way to go sir…!!

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Another update in my rack. Denafrips Gaia DDC arrived today!

Gaia has replaced my previous (pretty good for the money) Matrix Audio X-Spdif 2. Mainly use as USB to AES/EBU conversion from Aurender N100H to Simaudio Moon 380D DSD dac.
Just first impression (right out of the box, after just one hour of listening):

  • impressive compared to X-Spfif 2
  • sound is more airy, more analog like
  • deeper, more holographic soundstage
  • more realistic voices


I know I’ve said it before, but the aesthetic of the speakers and the rack is spot on!


Yes, it has a nice warm feel.

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+1 just gorgeous


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Great looking system!

BTW the speakers seem familiar, but I cant’t place them. Are they Avalons?

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In my 20s – working in a Radio Shack that sold Luxman, B&W, Alpine… our B&W rep brought in a copy of the latest ultra-hot test disc - Tricycle. He told us some high falutin recording guru for 3M was experimenting with the first DDD digital recording technology – of that time. He was buddies with one of the Flim (studio musicians) guys & needed a ‘source’ to test his digital recording equipment. Flim was born & DMP records not long after that. Something like that. That’s how I remember his tale.

I still maintain that 37 years later – I cannot find any source music that beats Flim for detail, attack, staging and overall wow sonic factor. (In my opinion).

PLEASE feel free to provide any stuff that you feel is your ultimate show off tracks! Sometimes I’ll listen to tracks I don’t particularly love - just because they sound so dang good!

When subjecting people to Funhouse, the door slamming drum crash the follows the train whistle always produces a smile & a head nod. Produces full on goosebumps for me….

I have SE846 with a Marantz DAC, a car system worth about $20K and my soundroom; certain tracks excel in certain environments. Things thatjust kill in the car don’t perform well in the soundroom, some excel on the 846’s, similar for any combination of the three sources. However Flim is the only thing that cross plays well across all three. It is the best sound I can achieve in all three of those listening environments.

(Although Bonamassa DVD at the Royal Albert Hall comes verrrry close in the car - the dual drummers - one in each channel is superb)

Over & Out is my fave – I can hear that the cymbal is about two feet higher and about a foot left of the snare on that one.

Dunno what became of them but there’s a couple (poor quality) vids online. Sheer talent.

Gotta buy the CDs tho cause they are not on spotify or Tidal……

MG-IIIs were free; re-strung the panels myself, replaced the ribbons, crossovers upgrades are next. They are delightful.

Or just dole out for some 3.7is…….

Got any???


Diapason Adamantes III 25th

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On Tricycle album the “High Wire” track the drums I recall reading
are locate at the back far end of a gymnasium…at about 2:48 the
first faint drum strike can be heard then at about 2:54 the drummer
becomes more apparent with many drum srikes in a depth perspective.

Another amazing thing about these recordings they are done in real time straight to digital master tape…no editing or corrections…

So Flim and his BBs really had to be right on with every note…the skill and dynamics from the faintest to the sudden attacks with a repeating
but slightly changing musical theme…and keyboards synth are
really amazing…

I don’t know if it is still possible to purchase these cds from DMP
productions I don’t know…

Might be worth checking into…

In the 80’s when these came out a record store owner I knew
urged me to get them because of the recording qualities and dynamics…he was right on that…

Happy searching and listening

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Show off cds…
Jazz at the Pawnshop…story I heard was that this is the 1st recording to go from analogue to cd…and it is excellent performed at jazz location
in Stampen Sweden…

Migration : by Dave Gruisin lots dynamic details depth and height to
the recording.

Opening Night: Kevin Eubanks a lot of guitar texture with acoustic bass
and bongo type drums and sax with a lot of palm hand work with much
texture and perspective.

Happy listening

Thanks for the assist!


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Are those Asteras or Adamantes?