System Photos!

Maybe you could start a competition with someone to lend out the best possible camera gear :wink:


One major improvement (cosmetic/visual more than anything else), I installed curtains on the front window, and removed both of those ugly garish homemade hillbilly looking things the previous owners threw up over the windows. Man I’m glad those are gone. I honestly don’t know why I waited nearly a year to remove them. Geeze, the 1st of next month it’ll be a full year!

Anyway, the curtains… I really don’t notice any difference in sound that I can tell yet, which I suppose is a good thing. They just make the room look a lot better, and the ceiling a bit taller. And of course the main goal, to make the window look centered on the wall instead of 7 inches to the right.


Are the cats trying to climb the speakers? I see small fence devices like Al’s


No. In fact, the cats don’t pay the Maggies any mind. I just have that plastic garden netting there just in case they get a wild hair up their…