System Photos!

It was all about space and two people now occupying the space previously taken up by just me.
I’ll be selling this wonderful integrated soon and going back to 5 boxes.
Live and learn…


I think that 5 boxes, you and your new partner will coexist perfectly! :grin:

Keep me in mind if you decide to part with the INT-250


Will do.

Thanks for sharing. That Pass Integrated Amplifier seems like a wonderful compromise for having very little space. But I can imagine that you want to go back to separates once you were used to them.

I sold my Nikon D700 DSLR including very nice glass last year. When my wife saw me looking at a new system camera she looked at me that way … and I responded, “what can I say”. There are times when the agreement to disagree proofs the strength of the bond. Although iPhones take beautiful pictures, I just don’t like to tap through menus to get to the camera and change settings.

I love to get that box and glass back. Am even happy to carry it around. Just love it as it shoots instantly and has buttons and dials that allow me to operate that camera intuitively.


I’m an awful photographer. But I blame it on my iPhone.

I still keep my D700 but sold D750 last year. I like the color and skin tones D700 produces, not very dynamic from today’s standard (i.e. compared to Z6), but because of that, the picture look a lot like color slides.

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I know very well why you are suffering so much. Still feeling bad after 10 years when I sold (no I gave away for nothing) my Canon 5D (my first full frame) with L lens 50mm.

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By “pull in”, do you mean that the definition/resolution of the phantom images in the soundstage have become contracted, or expanded? Thanks!

I built the rear big diffuser before the 1st Reflection diffusers were built. It immediately bought the phantom center into more focus in between my Speakers.

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Trying out a new Peachtree Nova150 with a pair of Q Acoustic 3030I’s on matching stands. Neutral and warm I’d say. Liking what I hear so far.


Mini man-cave.
The camera cases are made by a slightly crazy guy called Luigi in Rome.


Simply marvelous! Congrats. I went from Canon full frames (20 years ago) to Fujifilm to iPhone (sobh!).

I love portraits and B/W mainly. Another expensive hobby (never like audiophile gear) I abandoned because too much time “consuming”, unfortunately.

Sometimes I post a pic in this forum dedicated thread…

Ha! Luigi is hilarious - I had a long string of traded emails with him a while back. That photo he has on his site of himself from the 60s or 70s is so great too.

Luigi is a man who makes the simple complicated, but he delivers. Nice products, if Tods made camera cases they might be as good as Luigi’s.

Just about to order another two - my son and I have matching M6 0.72 TTL.

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I continually go back and forth between DSLR, point and shoot with a monster optical zoom and phone camera. When I print 13" x 19" prints from an Epson printer, the DSLR images are so much cleaner and sharper, but am still impressed with how good the phone cameras are.

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Nice! at this point, I have my trusty old M2 and an M10p

Lately I have been considering hiring a good sketch artist to replace my Etch A Sketch.
Those knobs are hard on my fingers.


How about a 45.7mp mirrorless Nikon camera instead?

I have four different mirrorless cameras silently rotting here and there. Nice gear, lost interest. Interest may return.