System Photos!

Very observant, Grasshopper! They arrived Tuesday. Could not be happier. I could not ignore the trade in/up from the 300s to the 600s. To my uneducated, untweaked ears and room there was a big improvement in the sound quality of my system when I went from the PSB T3s to the A5s. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the A5-300 combo. Of course, everyone who heard that combo thought it was fabulous. They might be right. I really think there is a good portion of posters that don’t realize what they have compared to the rest of the world. Oh, by the way, that includes me. The 600s gave an obvious improvement in authority(as Darren put it). That is hard define, at least I think it is, until you hear it. Then you know it. Snaps the center image in place effortlessly. Here comes the cliche, it really did lift the veil off the soundstage for clarity. To my 70 year old ears, this has been probably one of the best, if not THE best, purchases in my audio life. I live in Orland Park, Il and if anyone is interested in a visit, reach out to me and you are more than welcome to come over for a look see/listen. I need advance notice so I can dust.


Yeah, that is a problem. Limited room. I ordered some longer cables from Amazon and see if I could move it. Maybe under the amp stand. TV makes you stupid so if I got rid of cable, no big loss. LOL, I think.

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I think you will very happy. I was impressed with the low volume level detail and bass when I auditioned them at the dealer. I really like their compact size. You WILL be happy.

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I have never heard a Magico speaker, I will be in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago over labor day weekend to hopefully listen to the BHK 600’s drive FR30’s. If there are openings in your schedule that weekend I’d enjoy say, an hour or so. I am willing to reciprocate if you are ever near Minneapolis/ St. Paul. Next month I have some serious amplification upgrades arriving.

So, similar to what you must be enjoying. I’m only 66 so I might seem immature.


Great news on the BHK 600 sound quality upgrade! Fortunately I don’t need a ton of power for my electrostats. I contacted ML and asked what they recommend for amplification and they said a A/V receiver would have no issue powering them not sure I agree how well that would sound so I’m enjoying the BHK 300’s for now! The 600’s are intriguing and like Al I hope to hear them soon! My CLX’s have a greater need and I’m fortunate enough to know what that is! Enjoy the Magico 600 combo!


I happen to be 68 years old. It is the sweet spot between your 66 and Winston’s 70 :slightly_smiling_face:. As far as I know I have no specific plans for Labor Day weekend.
PM me what day/time you are thinking about.


I’m only 66 so I might seem immature.

From what I can tell your immaturity may have a lower boundary than 66 :slight_smile:


Just received the A5 yesterday! Pairing it with McIntosh MC462 and PS Audio P15.
Initial impression at 0 hours… bass! bass! bass! it’s funny because I EQ down the bass at first thinking it’s too much, but immediately missed it, I think Magico know something we don’t to our preferences. This speakers give me the live concert feel with bass impact and sound staging. Looking forward to breaking it in.



Enjoy the new speakers - those are really supposed to be something special.

I can’t help but ask a question about the set up though:

Have you experimented with having the rack of kit out of the corner? I am wondering if LF pressures might be a bit exaggerated in the corner and whether they might have a subtle impact on the signal reaching your amp.

Best regards.

[PS. I love, love the home-engineered cable risers! I am partial to strategically-placed toilet paper and paper towel tube, myself.]

I didn’t do A/B when I moved most of the gear out to the corner, I just like a more clean center look, the main reason I did it. Of course it’s now a bit of a mess since I was playing around with cables and such, hoping to clean them up over the weekend.

Yeah, I made those out of card board boxes and glue them into a cube shape, cutting out the ridges for the cables. They work fairly well, had a blast building them with my kid too, we made a template for a production line lol


Perfect way to experiment! Mine are made of 2x4 wood!

Interesting conversion of a 2-car garage space: I assume the terrazzo flooring is the roll-out variety?

I think so, not very sure, it’s epoxy flooring. I don’t like it too much as anything drop will never be found again on this floor. :slight_smile:

It’s been pretty, good… work from home 90% now so garage is also a home office. Just need to get AC in here and I can just skip coming back into the house lol.


You are going to love them. The dealer gave me a set of Transparent speaker cables. At the low end of their spectrum, about 250 a pair. I thought the bass was way too much. Muddy. I replaced them with Audioquest William Tell. Everything tightened up and the midrange became more pronounced, not etch. The bass lost it’s flab, but also lost some of it’s slam. Still undecided if I like the Audioquest. Going back to Transparent to give another listen in a few days. Breaking in the 600s. Too many variables to evaluate. I am just going to enjoy the music for a few days before I bring back the Transparents into play. Best of luck and have fun.


If not already present seriously consider bass traps. I swear by my GIK Tri-Traps that are in every corner of my listening space. I’ve heard from reliable sources that you can’t have too much bass trapping. It’s usually a case of what level of room treatment can you live with (and your significant other/spouse).

NOTE: This is not about over-doing room treatment and killing the “live” sound, but instead selective low frequency response evening out and reducing reverberation time to clean up the lower frequencies.


Nice I have PSB Imagine T3’s I have listened to speakers up to 15K and have now changed, great value in speakers


I made mine on my 3D printer. They work very well…



Fun project

Same color as your sports car…?


Added some visual aid, new amp is breaking in…

Next, two RELs so I can retire the Pioneer, next a atmos processor and in wall speaker wires for more immersive show experience. This hobby is horrifyingly fun to occupy my mind and wallet during this crazy times :smile:

Love this forum.