Tell us about your friends/family systems you’ve influenced

I got the idea for this from the interesting articles thread where there was a discussion about vinyl buying demographics. Here are the systems in my family I have influenced either directly or indirectly. I will leave out names and photos.

Oldest son:
KEF Q900 speakers
Some turntable he got from his brother-in-law
His two daughters love listening to records with daddy

Second son:
Original Sprout
ELAC speakers (don’t know the model but they are bookshelf speakers)
Music Hall MMF 1.3 turntable with Ortofon Blue MM cart
He buys and listens to a lot of vinyl

Oldest daughter
KEF LSX speakers
Technics turntable (don’t know the model or cart)
She and her husband buy and listen to a lot of vinyl. She has a very good ear. She was listening to my system and asked me what manner of audio sorcery it was as she could hear the individual voices in the backing children’s choir on an ABBA track. She love ABBA and Journey, go figure.


A friend:
Likes Bose.
Thinks Bose is the best.
No listening to anything else needed
(LOL, but friend really says this)


I got a friend to pull her speakers away from the wall. She was amazed at how good they now sounded. A week later they were back against the wall. Go figure.


Just finished last week for a close friend:
Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6 (Demo)
Pass Int-60 integrated amp (used)
Jay’s Transport (new)
Denafrips Pontus 2 (used)
Full loom of Zu cables (Mission, off Zu’s Ebay store)
$10K (wife–$4500)
Streaming and vinyl later when his budget allows.


Priorities, man! That floor has to be clear.


Just got my nephew introduced to vinyl

Sony PS-LX310BT table (with bluetooth)
Naim Muso digital speaker (from my old system)

He’s amassed about 8 records already from Christmas and out with his Dad.

I’m crazy proud of him, he’s got great taste. We both ordered the VMP release of Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers)

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No one far and wide to influence…maybe my son sooner or later.

When I was studying a very rich father of a friend looked for a small stereo for his holiday domicile. We got him the Naim Nait and a pair of Rogers LS 3/5.

The husband of my cousin bought my early Logan SL3, a Gryphon integrated and CD includimg cablmg, more than 20 years ago and uses it until today.


I haven’t influenced a family or friend’s system. But, it might be of interest I’ve opened the musical horizon of others. Case in point: many years ago a cousin swore she would never listen to classical music. Hell would freeze over before that happened. One day I was spinning Holst’s The Planets on my rig. She heard it in another room and wandered in full of curiosity. Two LP sides sides later she was bowled over. An instant convert. Thought the rig was cool, too, but I got a furrowed brow when I mentioned cost. Ah well, mission half accomplished. Good enough.