The big cleaning 1 january day

had been cleaning all the house today;

the first time i clean all my electronics internal;

so 14 years since i had not clean my amp, i cleaned it with air duster, it had so many dirty particles inside, that i was amazed, i used the same air duster to clean inside my computer;

i used a soft cloth to clean everything that had surface;

i also used a cloth to clean the speakers cons and tweeters, but wonder if it is a better way to clean it?

i cut the end oxidation part of the speaker cable and made a new fresh cut part to connect to my speaker!

ps. i have no much money to buy the talisman :laughing: but i wonder if it would work so much use :thinking:


Looks like an expensive magnet…

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I’m sure it works great to relieve the wallet of several benjamins.

This, however, is required!


The Talisman would be a total waste of money, and could damage your speakers if you got it too close and slipped, assuming that the magnet is actually strong, and not just large.



this other one looks like a stone:

wonder if it really improve the sound?

amazing but i save money going to a store that can clean my records for me

i believe is better to unplug the electronics for a hour or so so all the Magnetic fields and static electricity disappear

The cr*p that Shakti sells to the gullible is total garbage with no effect on any audio device - simply decoration for those who believe in magic. Their explanations are simply drivel.
Their stuff is right down there with a delusion a few years ago that putting coins on speakers would somehow make them sound “better”.

Named after a mushroom? Keep them in the dark and feed them sh*t?

I don’t know if/how these would work and if they make people happy and they can afford them? Well, that’s capitalism, and I’m a big supporter.

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I heard putting something more heavy över the speaker it gives you better deep bass :grinning: