Cleaning Components

Please recommend a palm size vacuum for gentle cleaning of dust off and around Audio equipment, cables, etc. I don’t want to use my feather duster.

I use a swifter followed by a micro fiber cleaning cloth used for guitars.
I’d be concerned with a small vacuum getting away from me and causing damage. Housekeepers are told to not clean in the vicinity of the equipment.


I do the same as weedeewop. A swiffer to suck up the dust then a microfiber cloth on surfaces that need a bit of polishing.

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Thank you, I will use the swifter and follow with a micro fiber.


For hard to clean smudges, etc, Paul has posted in the past that PS Audio used a product called “Glass Plus”. It’s a multi- surface cleaner that does NOT contain ammonia, and it works really well for me, (sprayed on a micro fiber cloth.)

Thanks guys, I am primarily interested in removing dust and some pet fur. Our house does not have AC, so all windows are open with dust and some pollen usually present. I am concerned about dust falling into the grills on the tops of components. I wondered if a low level vacuum suction over the grills was advisable.

Yes, even good old Windex works but Glass Plus is best.

I have to be careful with my 901’s. With the Black Acrylic panels, I can only rub the fingerprints off with a microfibre cloth.

Joe, Thanks. I use a microfiber cloths for fingerprints, smudges. They haven’t been a problem. Its the dust that is bothering me.

+1 for the housekeeper warning, I once had one (a friend of a friend) who:

A. Stole my weed

B. Broke an Ortofon Quintet stylus while cleaning my TT after I left explicit instructions not to clean the audio gear

C. Left the front door unlocked (nobody “broke” in but c’mon)

Never saw or herd from her again…


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Thanks JP, I will be very careful.

I can’t resist a little humor, has anyone seen or heard from her since? :smile:


I can neither confirm or deny any knowledge…

I always use several microfiber cloths dedicated to just the audio gear, and Sprayway Glass foaming cleaner for the speakers and turntable.

I don’t have to worry about finger prints or smudges as no one (including myself) touches the equipment. That’s why God invented remote controls. :grin:

Well, minus the turntable, but I’m the only one that uses that. My other half has her own in our bedroom system.

I do the same as weedeewop as well with the addition of Windex.