What do you do about dust?

A mundane topic, but how do you all deal with dust? I have all black equipment and it’s always dusty. As fellow OCD audiophiles, I am sure you understand.

Swiffer Duster: Once a week, it’s quick, easy, effective, cheap and it does not scratch the finish.

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For my power amps which have ventilated tops, I just cover when not in use, especially when I’m away. But one must be vigilant about removing the cover before turning them on, especially if they’re class A!!
Rest of the stuff, just gets dusted once or twice a week with a Swifter.

Swiffer and old-fashioned feather duster for more delicate/harder to get to aspects.

I currently work and live in a dry & dusty area! Thrice a week, I wipe components, racks and speakers with a damp microfiber cloth. I have a bunch of these, and I use each once then put in the wash basket. I use fabric softener as I have noticed that microfiber can harden up and cause micro scratches on soft and uncoated plastics. For dust creeping inseams and hard to reach lines, I use a handheld vacuum with a soft brush tip. Originally, purchased for computer keyboard, but works for my audio gear.

LPs and LP playback in this environment is a different ballgame, but this is not the thread for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep my hifi in a closed cabinet. I have Furutech record brush and I use it for everything, including dusting film negatives. Occasionally wipe surfaces with Zeiss lens wipes. Methylated spirits is good, been using it to clean a floor before varnishing.

Wait for a windy day & open all the windows.


These are useful for blowing out dust on equipment having irregular surface contours. Also very helpful with cleaning my coffee grinder.


Thanks for reminding me, I have one of those for my cameras. The brush can be connected to become a blow-brush image


Low tech can be a good thing. It usually works without a glitch…:sunglasses:

I also have a rechargeable (5v) cordless one with a brush. Works great.

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+1 – does not seem to result in smearing and scratches and does the trick nicely.

You have to be careful with that auto finish-like top on some of the PSA components like the DS DAC. If you go right after the dust (with a microfiber towel, for example) by wiping it off, you can scratch the finish.


Yes, and one can dust around small input tubes in tight spaces, etc. without harming anything

Tell the housekeeper to maintain 12 foot “Audio Distancing”


Total OCD thread #1
I tried the Swiffer sheet and it worked well. Wiped the tops and then I wrapped it around a wood shim and that slides all the way under the components getting that dreaded hidden dust!