The FR20's Are Here

What is the source of your opinion? Adding subs without a tool like DEQX is like throwing darts blindfolded in a dark room.

Source of my opinion is my own listening experience…but Paul McGowan has long posted videos and posts about essentially all speakers benefitting from powered subs, and giving set up instructions…and clearly, subs are not for everyone…


also learned very much from messaging with Duke LeJuene of the 4 Subwoofer Swarm Array, I think it’s AudioKenesis…

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The reason I accept subs in my system is, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Unless you are using some sort of eq somewhere (ish), having subs you can tune to your mood from your chair can be rewarding.


30+ years experience, and trial and error.

And you most certainly do not need a DEQX or any other type of DSP.

My subwoofers have built-in DSP, and I don’t use it. All I use is crossover, phase and gain, as well as allow the mains to play fullrange, and feed the subs a high-level signal straight out of the speaker outputs on my amps.

Proper placement of the subwoofers within the room, and proper setup (crossover point, phase, gain, polarity), you would be amazed at what can be accomplished with just a couple of capable subwoofers and some time spent on setup.

Ask Paul McGowan, John Hunter, Jim Smith, Duke LeJeune. They’ll all tell you the same thing, and DSP very seldom comes into the picture.


Duke had some great insights and advice, on an Audiogon thread a few years ago, about matching a pair of subs with large floor standing speakers…asymmetrical seems to be the setup key, and not so hard with floor standers and dual subs…I had them sounding good in under an hour, though minor adjustments for weeks and months, but that’s the fun part…


BTW, it’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

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I send everything I listen to through a very powerful and wonderful DSP. It completes me.
I am 900 years old and this is my millionth audio system.


I never said you couldn’t use DSP, just saying that IF you have the means to place subwoofers where they need to be, DSP isn’t needed. Though I prefer not using DSP at all.

I’m only about 500 years old and am on my 700,000th audio system.


DSP - like all those graphic equalisers sold in the 80s - great fun, useful if used gently, but horrible if over used.


Since this is an FR20 thread, am adding another photo of my FR20’s



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Sometimes wrong but never uncertain

Yeah… Keep telling yourself that.

Here are two new reviews for the aspen FR20 online:
Greg Petan at Positive Feedback
This one is from Christian Bayer and is translated from German and also has some measurement data in it.


“I believe Chris Brunhaver has some of the best engineering chops in the business.”



Just in case someone may have missed these…


That might be the bargain of the decade.


This is from one of us regulars on the forum, but definitely not me.
I love my FR20 speakers. Yes, $11k is a steal for these speakers


I had posted this when Jeff first listed the FR20 speakers for sale, and at his asking price, $11k, I am more than a little surprised some one has not purchased them.

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