The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2


Except for the MQA ROON business what else isn’t working for you?


Hi Paul like some users, I had connectivity issues. I don’t have connectivity issues with the Bridge II any longer. Whether the code improved or my network got sorted out, I’ve been able to stabilize Roon/NAS/Bridge II. I feel that I get better sound via USB and a notebook. However I love the convenience of operating the bridge with Iphone or Ipad. I also happen to enjoy artwork. Sure it doesn’t affect sound but it does affect my experience. It was designed to be there and I like it when it works.


Paul, as a real fan of the Bridge concept I can say since using the still buggy 3.6.2 software I’m happy.

The existing bugs (no cover art, no button functions) don’t bother me as it fixed some other more important ones.

All in all cover art never properly worked and long time I assumed some problems which turned out to have been fixed by bridge updates, were network related.

As you announced this important update to be available 4 months ago (after your „thank you for the long time waiting and patience“ before), I can understand that those still on 3.6.1 begin to loose this patience.

My guess is, much is related to the possibility that no one at PSA is a continuous Bridge user.

But as I said, all the important things now work perfect for me (3 years after purchase) and worked ok since the beginning.