The next DirectStream update?


Oh wow! You must really like @Paul and after chatting with him this past weekend at RMAF I can see why. :wink:


How did your comparison go?

As I remembered, the ultraRendu/Teddy Pardo 7v PS combo with the Bridge II card pulled from the DS has proven to sound quite a bit better than using the Bridge II card. MQA has to proven to be a bust for me so I don’t mind giving up that feature.

I am now getting ready to test HQPlayer (imbedded in my sonicTransporter i5) with the ultraRendu and Roon to see how that sounds. There are many people out there that think Roon/HQPlayer sounds better than Roon by itself. The Roon/HQPlayer setup bypasses RAAT entirely so I am not sure how much of that is how HQPlayer processes the music files and how much is bypassing RAAT.

Does anyone out there have a favorite filter setup for HQPlayer and the DirectStream DAC? For PCM, do you prefer upsampling to max rate PCM or to DSD128?

Here is what I am using now:


Interesting issue. Some say that the Auralic Aries sounds better using Bubble DS or Lightning DS than with Roon.
The issue seems to be that without the RAAT support, the Aries is given a playlist, and then plays on it’s own without any further involvement from the player program. This includes pre-buffering into a 2GB cache, and then playing the music from that cache, much like the DMP.
Roon/RAAT, by contrast, feeds the track to the Auralic in real-time.
Sounds like HQplayer might mitigate that issue and let the Aries work at its best.


Try the Poly-sinc-ext2 and sinc-M filters. They are very similar but the sinc-M wins for me however, it has a 8 seconds buffer/delay which gets annoying but doesn’t matter if one listens to an album straight though.

I only upsample to 192PCM as that is all my I2S board will support, nonetheless it sounds better to me than Roon straight. Also try non-upsampling with HQP, set filters to none and dither to none. Oh, I can detect no difference between the dither choices with the DS. I suspect the DSD upsample make dither irrelevant.

FWIW, I run HPQ embedded on a Pink Faun 2.16x with only I2S output to DS.

Oh, I see you are running ext2 now. Compare it to sinc-M.


I just tried the sinc-M filter and I find it quite good. It does not use much CPU either. I get about a 6 second delay. I play mostly full albums so that is not much of a problem. It’s not much fun though when I am randomly paying tracks. It’s a good thing I don’t do that very often.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Nope. The filter setup I like best, so far, is poly-sinc-short-mp/NS5 with all PCM content upsampled to 352.8k. Using this filter setup with my sonicTransporter i5 (w/HQPlayer embedded)/ultraRendu/DirectStream combination is SIGNIFICANTLY better than when I was using the Bridge II card and no HQPlayer.

All I can say is “Wow!”