The P-10 transformed my system

I have always wondered if investing in a Power Plant would actually bring me benefits that I could hear in my system. I was not prepared for what I was about to hear the first time i powered my system with regenerated regulated clean power. At first before I listened I had to use the built in scope and THD analyzer to see how bad the incoming AC power actually is. I was surprised to see how the top of the sine wave was lopped off and that the average THD coming in was around 3.6% . The interesting thing is that there was really no difference between the readings I saw during the day when my 10kw solar system was providing the power or at night when I was relying on the grid. Than I looked at the sine wave put out by the P-10. It was nice and smooth and the THD was .2%. I looked at the output sine wave with the multiwave function activated which widened the wave form providing more charge times for the equipment’s power supply. Now the moment of truth bring the system up. I almost fell out of my chair when the music started to play. I have always had a huge sound stage but now it was even larger with more clearly defined images. I always felt my system was a little soft. That is no longer true. It is not brighter but it is more open. I am hearing details that i did not know existed in CD’s and SACD’s that I am very familiar with. The sound is so lush. There is a roundness to it and a fullness that does not congest the rest of the sound. This is the best investment I have ever made to improve my systems performance. it far exceeds any improvements made in the past with cables or any other tweeks! I used to run my power amp off of a dedicated 240 volt line. All the digital equipment was powered by a 30 amp dedicated line and the analog had a 20 Amp dedicated line. These three feeds did nothing that can compare to having the WHOLE system powered by the P-10. I simply plug the P-10 into the 30 Amp feed and everything into it. I am so thankful to Dave Egge who made it possible to afford a P-10 as he upgraded to a P-20 and he sold me his at a give away price. In spite of that deal having heard the P-10 in my system I would have to say it is worth every penny of it’s $4999 list price. Thank you PS Audio for building this great product!


Still remember the moment i first made acquaintance with the P10 :wink:

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Wow! Thanks! This was a great note and lovely to read this morning. Thanks for posting.

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I have the same great experience with my P12. Everything just sounds better with it. :smiley:

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Now I want one. :grinning:

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You will not be disappointed! Keep your eye on the forum as you me see a bargain show up. Many have to have the latest model so they will be willing to sell their P-10 at a great price. I cannot believe how little power i am actually drawing with my system. My Amplifier is 760 watts per channel into 4 ohms it is Class D so it is efficient. My speakers are moderately efficient at 93 db per watt. I can play the system at very high levels and when I check the P-10 it tells me I am drawing about 85 watts! The other surprise is how cool the P-10 operates. It is barely warm to the touch just like my power amp! Make the plunge you will love yourself for doing so!

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Well. I went and did it. Got a very nice deal on a demo w full warranty.

My setup is as follows. Directstream DAC into a Cary slp98p feeding a sunfire signature amp 850/4 ohm load into Maggie 20.7s. I also have a Martin Logan descent just hitting 25hz and below.

So I am hoping your words and Paul’s ring true. I’ll do a write up when it arrives and situated!! Thanks Tim

I expect you will be as happy as I am with mine. Before you attach your equipment just plug it in and check out the scope. See how far off voltage the mains are and how bad the THD is. You will be able to see how clean the output is. Than put on your seat belt when you have your first listen. You will most likely be drawing more current from it than I am as my amp is a Class D and yours an AB. It depends how high the bias is on in the sunfire. Just watch your back when you handle it. It is a back breaker for sure! Looking forward to hearing your reaction!

Yes. I’m looking forward to it. This will be my first serious attempt with clean power. The Mags are pretty sensitive to change so I’m a bit geeked to hear what they produce when my upstream components are getting 'the juice '. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely scope it out first to get an idea what things look like before I start plugging things in.

I would have never thought of going to a P10 - but here I am.

I added an Equi=Tech 1.5RQ Balanced Power box a few years ago - amazing improvement! Blacker blacks, better resolution, across the board improvement. Picked up a Power Plant Premier to try w/ the Equi=Tech but the PPP had a bad regulator. Wasn’t really sure that power regen would help my situation - I was getting a steady 120v ± 1.5v.
Picked up a P10 for cheap once the new models came out. I am amazed - not a night and day difference - but everything just flows - no listening fatigue. Just ordered a new P20. Yea, it makes that much difference and I’m gonna take advantage of the trade in. Mid bass and highs are so much more defined - the P10 adds the beginnings and endings of the notes w/ such clarity - headroom is the name of the game - my system draws about 600 w chugging along. Thanks Paul! Merry Christmas!