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Love this. Thanks for sharing it!

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I love it, good article.
No need to kill this topic; I bet it gets 35 to 50 responses. Of my
'2CD’s, one is Let it Bleed. :smiley:


Back in the mid 80’s, I had “commissioned” a close friend to draw a “lip & tongue” logo onto the placard attached to the handlebars of my BMX. I had him do it in Testers model paint so it wouldn’t wear off. Looked pretty good.

I would add, since Sticky … I felt that Jagger was very corporate, i.e. a good business man. That thought bugged me after the album; but I have gotten over it, because they are one of a few examples of artists actually getting rich (artists I support, Aretha Franklin is another story, may be complex).

Bummer, I don’t subscribe.

If you mean subscribe to the NYT. I don’t. Tried yesterday, site no let me read. Decided to try again today and got to read for free.

“On the 50th anniversary of his famous ‘tongue and lips’ emblem for the Rolling Stones, John Pasche says he had no expectations it would become so famous, or lucrative.”

“No expectations” … that’s a good one! :money_mouth_face:

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