The Yes Studio Albums 1969-1987 Remastered

One of my favorite progressive bands of all time finally has recordings worthy of their music.

To have all 12 of their studio releases remastered and for the astonishingly low price of $66 is amazing.


An amazing buy!

I was tempted to get a Japanese pressing of Yes’s entire studio recordings available on SACD’S. But they were remastered from PCM recordings not the original analog master tapes, and the cost was close to a grand. I figured since I’m using the amazing DSD SR which makes CDs sound close to SACD’S anyway, it didn’t make since to pop for the pseudo sacds. I couldn’t be happier with the sound quality, it’s right up there with some of the best Rock recordings I have.
Thanks to the DSD I saved close to a grand!

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Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered the set from Amazon

HDtracks has it in 192kHz 24b. $234.00

Hmm, wonder how much better that would sound? I don’t have the Bridge installed on my DSD, but could it be downloaded then ripped to a DVD and played on the DMP?

I have the SACD set–didn’t pay near that much for it. Sounds very good. I believe the set above are the Rhino remasters, different masterings, I have had those.

I’d love to have it on sacd. Where did you find it?

Bought it when first released via CDJapan.

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How do the Rino remasters compare to the SACD’S? Are you using a DSD SR?

Very tidy organized rack…the back of my entertainment center looks like cooked spaghetti.


I no longer have the Rhino remasters to do direct comparisons. I do use the DMP and DSD, and when I purchased these I had the PWT and PWD, so I was using a Denon DVD-A1UDCI, their then flagship universal player for the SACD playback, and the PWT/PWD for the Rhinos. I preferred the sound of the SACDs. Yes, they are relatively compressed, slightly more I think than the Rhinos, but their tonal balance and “fullness” were preferred. I gave away or sold the Rhinos over the next few years. I also bought all the Steven Wilson remasters, and I do indeed enjoy those. . . between those and the SACDs I have a lot of great Yes and the DMP/DSD for SACD and redbook, and the Oppo UDP-205 I have for the Blu-ray content, make these sound very very good.

I believe the Rhino ones I have were remastered by Steven Wilson. The sound to me is very good. I have a stack of original recorded Yes cd’s that I could never quite enjoy in the past. But now between the PS Audio gear I acquired over the last year, and these remastered recordings, it’s the best I’ve heard Yes sound on my home stereo system. Yes, this puts a big smile on my face. :smiley:


Right, the Wilson are on Rhino as well, but the Rhino I was referring to, and in the box set above, predate both the SACD and Wilson by years.

I love my DMP and DSD combo; any day can be an audio adventure.

I have this. I believe they are DSD transfers of the 2004 PCM based reissues without the bonus tracks. The sound is excellent but the Steven Wilson 5.1 remixes are outstanding as well (but I still like my 2001 DVD-A of Fragile).

Great people to meet in person as well (Phoenix last year)


I have the 2001 DVD A of Fragile and it is a treasure.
I have so many remaster reissues of these albums. Some I have not even opened yet. Hopefully I am done. :wink:


Feature interview/listening session with Jon Anderson in this months Stereophile…cool read!



First thing I read when I got the issue in the mail.

Long time Yes fan. Saw them in concert when new Yes, and old yes toured together. Outdoor summer concert. Some of the best musicianship I’ve ever heard.


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I was there in Toronto for both ABWH in ‘89 & Yes “Union” Tours in ‘91. ABWH was the better of the two shows to me. Although the clash of playing styles onstage made for an interesting night of Yes music. Sad that Peter Banks wasn’t included but both Rick Wakeman and Tony Kaye seemed to play off of each other quite nicely.

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