Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH


Does Edgar need to do the installs? That’s a bit of a turn off for me. I really don’t need more appointements in my life.

They send out installation instructions eith software upgrades. Likely for those who wish get the red carpet treatment.

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My weekend appears to be gathering additional depth to match the additional detail I am getting from this MK2 DAC.


If he finds out you have Focals he too will be a bit turned off.

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That has been my intent since I purchased them.

Besides I don’t have time for Edgar, I am watching the most bizarre series ever on Netflix, Copenhagen Cowboy.

An absolute genius, an actual rocket scientist, wants to make time in his day to make certain his brilliant technology is properly setup and run you through what you need to know to start enjoying it. And that is a turn off for you?

Grab mediocrity with both flippers.


You will understand when you watch Copenhagen Cowboy.

Besides, I have worked with geniuses before in R&D labs. It’s surprising how many of them like milkshakes. Maybe it’s the efficient delivery system.

Would someone please tell me the make/model of the camera?

Initially I was thinking I didn’t want it, but if I can mount it to the lower bottom edge of our TV, I would get the camera and the BACCH4Mac Audiophile version to start out.

Is there a min/max on camera distance?

I also realized I don’t need an iPad, I can remote control the mini from my Win11 laptop by turning on Remote Management on the mini and enabling VNC viewers.

Not sure, I would imagine with good directions one could install the software and do the tweaking themself quasi Dirac.

I guess they like to help setup the BACCH4MAC to make sure all the settings are correct.

I personally (like many here) suffer from an acuité case of Audiophile OCD, so I welcome their help, because I need to make sure every part of our system is operating at peak performance.


I can tell you after Saturday. But I think I read any camera works but making sure they stay abreast with ios and drivers is a challenge if you go too far from someone who caters to ios crowd. Currently ir camera is behind on iOS drivers.



This makes sense to me. I suppose I am terminally DIY.

How long is the appointment to do the installation?

The first time the install took 45 minutes or so, but we did a lot of measuring, listening and tweaking. The BACCH4MAC Intro is a totally manual install, no ear plugs to measure the sound, no camera etc.

I would imagine the second time for us, (because of the new system we got today} should only take 15 minutes or so.

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Just to be clear I mean meeting with Edgar.

He takes over the computer remotely, and we did the measuring and listening as he did the tweaking.

Easy peasy!

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I just had the pleasure of speaking with Edgar and will be meeting to discuss several things.

One question I didn’t get to ask about the version for Mac, is Jriver via USB supported? I didn’t see it listed and that’s what I’ve been using since Elyric.

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Hi Vince - I have been in email contact with Theoretica on the potential purchase of a BACCH4Mac Audiophile kit (they are very responsive). I asked about the head-tracking camera and their reply was, “… most USB webcams would do but we recommend the Logotech C920”. They offer it as an option as they figure many customers will already have a web cam.

Incidentally, I provided them a link to this thread in the hope that they will join and directly answer some of the questions potential buyers may have.


@Steve08226 did you have a dedicated streamer in your system before adding the Mac Mini to support BAACH4Mac? In my system I’m using a Roon Nucleus and Aries G1 (with all the Matrix/LPS/RAL peripherals) to connect via I2S to a DSD MKI (MKII on order).

When I contacted Theoretica about how their product would fit in my configuration I learned that the Mac Mini would effectively replace the G1 and connect directly to the DSD MKI/II via USB. The Mac Mini would then be seen by Roon as the end point.

Their specific response was, “First, there is no need to use your streamer (if it is used as a Roon endpoint) with the BACCH4MAc system. You simply stream directly from the Nucleus running Roon core connected to your LAN vis Ethermet to the MAc connected to the same LAN via ethermet. We will then configure the Mac mini as a Roon endpoint (by installing the Roon Bridge deamon app). You simply keep using Roon as you usually do but you can now choose a Roon audio zone called “BACCH-dSP” which will stream the audio to the Mac via ethrenet, where it gets processed by the BACCH-dSP application and sent to your DAC via asynchronous USB.”

My concern is the wisdom in replacing a dedicated streamer with a noisy Mac Mini. Currently, all my networking gear, NAS, Nucleus, etc. is located in a different room (I don’t currently use a Mac or PC for audio reproduction). The rave reviews the BACCH kit is receiving is the only reason I am considering introducing a Mac Mini in my chain. I would appreciate any thoughts or experience you or others have on this.


We were in the same place you are in now a few weeks ago.

This all started with the galvanically isolated MKII inputs and with a consensus that the USB and the I2S inputs sound similar. At that time we had a iFi Zen Stream, and in the past we tried to hook up a MacBook Pro directly to a PS Audio MKI DAC and the streamer sounded better, but that is no longer the case by a long shot with the MKII. Edgar’s comment was “why do you need streamer, Roon is your streamer, the streamer box is just another piece of equipment in the chain (once again he was right)”!

OK, let me explain how we look at this hobby, for us it’s not about equipment, it’s not about graphs, or specs, it’s all about the music. Our decisions are financially motivated, and whatever sounds best at an affordable price is the way we go. I can’t even imagine how good BACCH SP sounds.

Let me tell a brief story, we are good friends with the local higher end A/V dealer and they were over the other night, before the Mac Mini, before the Zbit, before the new cables, and shorting plugs, and we were just using a 2017 MacBook Pro w/ BACCH4MAC intro, they were beyond blown away. (knowing that they have been in the biz for many years) The comment that stuck with us was, this is the best sounding system we’ve ever heard in any place at any price, and they install systems in the multi million dollar homes around here. :sunglasses: