Think my P3 just died

Turned off the power strip it was plugged into by mistake
Now its dead. Power strip fine.
Pushed fuse button on back but nothing
Anything im missing or contact service?

Pull the cord out of the back and turn all the switches to off and let it sit a while. Also while it’s off make sure you didn’t blow the fuse by turning it back on with the power strip. Why is a regenerator plugged into a power strip?


I had it plugged in temporarily while moving stuff
How would i check the fuse?

Found fuse on back seems likely it blew.
Just not sure where to go from here

Have to find a replacement a local store or order from Amazon. Does it say on the unit what size it is or can you read the small print?

Mentions this type in another thread

IIRC, 2A slo blow

Any idea to see if the fuse is blown?
I have no idea how to get it out

Is it 5x20 or 6x30. Never looked at mine but I keep spares of most sizes. Put a flat head screwdriver in the slot and turn left and it will come out.

Yeah did that
Got it out
Cant see anything amiss but obviously has to be ruled out by fuse replacement
Thanks for your help
I appreciate it

Without a magnifying glass would be hard to see. If in doubt just change. If you can’t find local these should do it.

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Happened to me a while back as well. Had to check the fuse with a multi meter because the fuse has a ceramic body . If you have trouble getting a fuse I have spares and I could send you one at no cost. Just PM me your address.



Huh…those look nothing like the fuse i took out of the P3

Its the same once i removed from holder

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If you don’t have a Radio Shack type store where you leave then someplace that sells and repairs guitar amps should have a collection of fuses. Never checked Walmart but they might.

Thank you
For everyones help on this tonight
I learned alot hope its the fuse