This speaker is going to make it difficult for other speaker manufacturers out there to justify their price


Are you serious or being sarcastic?

They sure won’t win any beauty contests


Beauty is in the ears of the beholder? Think I got that right,or do I? In good jest. Happy listening all!

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Have you heard them? If not, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The drivers-per-dollar ratio is off the charts! :exploding_head:

holy moly

I’ve heard other less expensive speakers from Tekton, and if these are better than those, and as good as the reviews are saying, this speaker could wind up being a bonafide deal.

I can’t imagine them imaging or creating a soundstage very well with that huge baffle . So much area to create serious diffraction problems.

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Tekton’s are really good sounding speakers and are a great value for the money. They are big boxes but still don’t easily overpower the room. I suppose they have their own sound character but I like them. They are also very efficient at around 97db.

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Does having that many drivers create any issues with phase accuracy?

Years ago I was considering a line source vs. a point source and a respected cartridge manufacturer whose design touts phase accuracy suggested the point source design.

I forget the technical reasons why, but I read somewhere that phase accuracy is not an issue because of how the tweeters are arranged.

This doesn’t touch on phase accuracy, but it’s a very interesting comparison of one of Tektons lower priced models.

Comparison and Competition
Because the Double Impact speaker has such an unfair advantage compared with any speaker that I know about in its price range, I decided to jump up to speakers that cost thousands of dollars more to compare their performance. The Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk2 , which retails for $22,000/pair, has been one of my favorite high-end speakers over the last five years. It is great at rendering very natural timbres and tonality, along with excellent soundstaging. Its bass performance is extended but comes nowhere close to the Double Impact’s more accurate and tighter bass response. Where the Double Impact really pulls ahead is its overall transient speed and sense of “aliveness” that I don’t experience with the Acoustic Zen speaker.

The next speaker that I have enough experience with to compare with the Double Impact is the YG Acoustics Carmel 2 , which retails for $24,300/pair. In virtually every important parameter–soundstaging, bass extension, overall dynamics, and clarity–the much more expensive YG Acoustics Carmel 2 was significantly eclipsed by the Double Impact’s performance.

Sorry but I don’t see Tektons changing the landscape of speaker pricing. I don’t see Wilson, Magico, etc. dropping their prices due to Tektons. This is like comparing a Corvette to a Ferrari. Both are great cars and in some ways the Corvette wins. But for those who want a Ferrari will buy it and to them it is worth the price of admission.

Do the Dahlquist experiment yourself. find a lager piece of cardboard say 12 by 18 inches. Cut a hole in the center of it large enough for your mouth. Speak without the cardboard and listen to the sound of your voice. Now put the cardboard up to your mouth and speak through the opening. Listen to how the sound of your voice changes due to the diffraction of the sound off the edges of the cardboard. Diffraction is real. B&W and others have recognized this and designed their speakers to minimize its effects on the sound of their speakers!

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YES! You can’t have that many drivers and have them be magically phase-accurate. And yes, this includes a certain someone’s uber-system. But that’s me. I have the sense that a lot of folks aren’t particularly sensitive to that aspect of reproduction, and/or prefer “big-ness” of sound to specificity of image.

Hence, even amongst the couple-of-drivers-or-less, point-source-ish crowd, the renewed interest in ye olde concentric driver tech. Though personally, I am so horn-averse that putting the tweeter inside another moving driver creeps me out. I suppose it is more a visual thing than a reality though, as my studio monitors have always had a large waveguide on the tweeter. But they tend to be of a solid material🤷🏻‍♂️.

A few Axponas ago, Parts Express made a splash with their display of a line array along the lines of these. Not my thing, but a lot of people dig 'em.!


Personally I don’t care for Tektons - at least when I’ve heard them at shows, including this past CAF.

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Is thatan isolator the array is supported on? Uless the mids, tweeters, and woofers are on an isolators or separate tower or you use isolators it is difficult to get clarity and transparency at higher SPLS. IsoAcoustic is your friend and can take you to a whole other realm.

For speakers in the living room, which is where my main listening system resides, the looks are very important. If it has to go into a man cave maybe less, but not if I need to fork out a US$ 4500 hole into my wallet.

The looks for speakers are equally important as smell is to food for me. If it looks or smells not to my taste I don’t feel the urge to buy.

But important is that I am referring to my taste, if someone likes the looks of those behemoths or has a listening room that is proportional to those speakers in size, those are certainly a financially more attractive option than the Wilsons which I think start at double that price.

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I don’t find these speakers particularly attractive, nor do I think they’re hideous. Ultimately though, sound quality is the most important thing to me. I don’'t think you can find a speaker with this frequency response * 20Hz-30kHz * or sound quality, anywhere near the asking price of $4,500 delivered.
If I had 50k to spend on speakers, I’d still rather have the best sounding speaker that that money could buy, vs a fancy box and lesser sound quality.

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Personally, I’d take the drivers out and use them for winter chipping practise. When I get bored of that I’ll sell the boxes to an undertaker.

Failing that, get some tennis balls and devise a new version ofd solitaire.

I understand, it must be unsettling to discover a speaker that potentially out preforms the one you paid three times as much for.

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