Tekton Design speakers

Has anyone heard them or own or have owned them? Interested to hear your thoughts and experience.

Speed Racer has the Tekton Design Double Impact.

Hello Darren,

You might like to look at Glenn Young’s aka Boomzilla’s long term review on the Tekton Pendragons over on the Emotiva Lounge under Boomzilla’s on going journey. Boomzilla has also reviewed the Axiom M100’s on Secret’s of Hometheater. Lots of insights there from an LSU engineer.

Hope it helps.


Thought you ordered PSB T3s any word regarding these?

I did order the PSB Imagine T3’s. I like them alot. I think the PSB is a nice upgrade from the Def Tech Mythos ST-L I was using, but just not a large enough jump to keep me from looking again. But I am not in any hurry. Tried the open baffle thing, and that didn’t last long.


Take a look at these if you have a dealer close. Open Baffle top with sealed woofers.


Darren, thank you for your reply on the T3s…I’m in the hunt as well. Have you considered te Focal Aria 948s or Electra 1028 with the Be tweeters?

Yes, I do have a pair of Tekton Design Double Impact speakers and I am extremely happy with the sound I get from them. Unfortunately, I have not compared them directly to any other speakers in my home with my current setup. I have heard a variety of speakers in people’s homes and at high end shops. I have yet to hear a pair of speakers that makes me want to sell my Double Impact speakers.

This review is a good place to get some ideas about how the speakers sound. I can’t argue with it.


If you have specific questions, please ask!

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Speed Racer, I am strongly considering a 60 day trial run on the Double Impact SE version. If I love them, then I would sell off my recently purchased PSB Imagine T3 black pair.

I have yet to hear the SE version of the Double Impact speakers. I have read that they are really good. I just wasn’t prepared to spend that kind of money on speakers. Maybe in the future…

If anyone is interested in a PSB Imagine T3 pair PM me.

Speed-racer. Eric @ Tekton hooked me up with a demo pair of the Double Impact SE. I should have them on Thursday.

Let me know what you think. Where are you located?


My suggestion is to hold on to the PSB’s until you get some time with the Tekton’s as they don’t seem to be for everyone. Your PSB’s are kind of like Aerial 7T’s in that they are not “spectacular” at anything but they don’t do anything wrong and sound good with any type of music.

Where are you finding that people are not liking the Tekton Double Impact (standard or SE) speakers?

You need to but check the for sale and sold ads at Hifishark.com to see the amount of turnover with the brand to get a picture. If you “love” yours then that is great but you are not Darren so he my feel differently after listening to them in his room with his gear so selling a really good all around speaker in advance may not be a prudent move. Not really sure why you need to chime in as the response was not directed at you.

I don’t know what is up with your attitude. Your response is completely uncalled for. All I did was ask a you simple question.

Let me address the first sentence of your “response”:

I did check Hifishark.com to see how many Double Impact speakers are for sale and have been sold. I don’t know what you trying to point out but there is hardly any turnover. Most of the for sale ads are the manufacturer’s ads.

You seem to have it out for Tekton Design. What is your issue with them?


I don’t have an attitude about anything as it was you that decided to inject yourself into a post I made to Darren. As to the Tekton issue I don’t own them though I did consider them at one point for a secondary system but I have read thousands of posts from owners on multiple forums and concluded to my satisfaction that they are not a speaker whose voicing would appeal to me. Eric is from the “professional sound” part of the Industry dominated by Klipsch, JBL and others and when those guys go into the home speaker business their speakers are voiced that way. The comments on the forums reinforce that which is why I cautioned Darren to listen to the before he sold the speakers he owns built and designed by a stalwart in the home audio market. His ears, system and room are different from yours so if you don’t agree with my suggestion that’s on you.Always proceed with caution when making changes to the most significant part of your system.

You do realize this is a forum and that your posts, being public, my cause other people than the one you are addressing to respond. You posted something that was interesting to me so I asked about it. That is nothing out of the ordinary for a forum.