Tidal now streaming to Bridge II

For those that wish to stream Tidal to Bridge II, and have an Android mobile device to control it, here’s a tutorial that walks you through the simple steps that allow it.


FYI, you can also do this on a Mac

Bubbleupnpserver for the Mac is not found in the AppStore, you need to google for Bubbleupnp, the output is shown below on how to install it on a Mac. When this is complete you can play Tidal via the BridgeII. I control all of this from an IPADII using Lumin. I also use Miminserver for my music on an external HD connected to my Mac.

Max OS X

First, verify that Java 7 or higher is installed on your Mac. If necessary install it from here.
To install BubbleUPnP Server, start a Terminal window, paste the command below, and follow instructions (it will first ask for your admin password):

curl -s http://bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver/mac_install.sh | sudo sh -
If you wish to later uninstall BubbleUPnP Server, enter this command:
curl -s http://bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver/mac_uninstall.sh | sudo sh -
Once installation is complete, BubbleUPnP Server is running as a Launch Daemon process that is started on boot. You can configure it with the Launchpad icon or via any web browser pointing to the server.
Controlling the server

You can stop the server with:

sudo launchctl stop bubbleupnpserver
And start it with:

sudo launchctl start bubbleupnpserver
If you wish to disable the server (it will not start on boot):
sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/bubbleupnpserver.plist
And to reenable it with:

sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/bubbleupnpserver.plist
You can also do all of the above graphically with LaunchControl. BubbleUPnP Server is found in the “Global Daemons” category.

Just tried it. Working like a bliss !!! Thanks a lot for rhe ‘how to’.

Wondering whether this is all magic in BubblePnP or there was some additional work to be done in Bridge to make this work ?

In other way to put this Qs, If tomorrow BubblePnP starts supporting say spottify will that automatically be played with Bridge ?



This does not work the same way on my Android tablet (running version 4.4 of Android with ver. 2.5.2 of BubbleUPnP). The only way that I can get access to the Local vs Cloud content, as shown in the next to last screen shot of the tutorial, is to choose Local Renderer not the Bridge. By doing so I see Qobuz but no Tidal.

Is it necessary to install BubbleUPnP Server (as distinct from the control point) on my Synology NAS where my library is located?

Go to settings of BubbleuPnP. There you have to enable Tidal. U dont need BubbleuPnP server for this.



It should work with Spotify or any other service. It has nothing to do with the Bridge - in that the Bridge is capable of streaming anything you send it. You just need a controller capable of doing things like that.

Hi There,

I am particularly interested in running spotify through my dsd bridge. How do I tell whether I have a bridge 1 or 2? What do I have to do? Also it says that the bridge has wireless. How do I turn it on? Mark

I have an iPod touch (version 6.1). I searched the app store for TIDAL Hi Fi & came up with TIDAL Music AS Heres the thing: to use this app I need to buy a new iPod (version 8.1 or higher costing $279 from Apple Australia). I have read here that TIDAL Hi-Fi is only available on android devices. I don’t want to get a new ipod if it wont work.

Any ideas & comments much needed!

Yeah, unfortunately that seems the way they get you to buy new stuff all the time - many apps aren’t backward compatible. Though, I am not sure it’s an actual conspiracy as I’ve made it out to be. cool


IIUC, to play Tidal to the Bridge you must use BubbleUPnP controller, which is only available for Andoid. I think any native Apple apps will only play to the local renderer, that is, the iPad or phone.

Tidal to bridgeII works also with a Qnap NAS. Just install Minimserver and bubbleUpnpServer on the NAS. Let bubbleUpnpServer Build an Open home renderer for Bridge II and use an OH Control App on the iPad (e.g. Linn Kazoo, Lumin). Works like a charme in my set up.

If I need to buy an android device to play Tidal with Bridge II what type (& version) do I need to make it work? Is there anything else I need?


Hi all,

I’ve had the Bridge II running for a couple of weeks without fault and then have run into an issue tonight.

I have a QNAP NAS running Minimserver and Bubble uPNP and an iPad with the Lumin app. Tonight when I’ve gone to play some music, the Bridge II can’t be found on my network. The Lumin app just has a blank in the list of available ‘Lumins’ and I can’t find the Bridge II in available renderers in the Bubble uPNP configuration pages.

I’ve tried rebooting the DS DAC a couple of times with no luck.

Any ideas.



Well, not exactly sure what I did to fix this (if anything).

I rebooted the QNAP and after that went into the Lumin app again - no Bridge II.

But I then hit the rescan Minimserver button in the settings section of the Lumin app and suddenly the Bridge II was there again. Maybe it was just the QNAP restarting Minimserver and Bubble uPNP. Anyway, it’s working…

All. I am looking for some guidance on streaming TIDAL to my DS DAC. I want to stop using my laptop via USB because it’s not a dedicated audio computer. I have looked into the Auralic Aries, but was wondering if it would be just as simple (and cheaper) to use the Bridge.

I was looking up controllers and it appears that Linn Kazoo will play music via TIDAL.


Is it as simple as getting Linn Kazoo and Bridge II? I would be running Linn Kazoo on an iPad (not an Android device).

I feel like there must be something I am missing as that seems too easy (especially as I read through the earlier posts in this thread).

If You Have an Android Device Bubbleupnp has tidal integration and you can stream tidal with it to the DS I use it for that

Jim is correct. We even have a How To posted on the subject. You can click here to read it.


If you have bought the BII, there is no reason to buy the Aries, because with the Aries you can just bypass the BII, by connecting the Aries to the USB input of the DS (or even go via the Hydra-Z to the DS via I2s). This is how I did it from the day Tidal became available within the Lightning DS app for IOS.

Thanks guys!

Bridge II has been ordered and should be here early next week. I will be using a Samsung S2 and Bubbleupnp to stream TIDAL. I will let you know how the installation goes and how it sounds (hopefully seamless and fantastic).

Quick question. If I am already running Yale Final on the DS, do I need to reinstall Yale after I install the Bridge, or will I be set to go once I slide the Bridge in?