Contact lmprovers on fuses

Do you simply put your fuses in the retaining rings or do you use any contact improvers ?

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I have used Mad Scientist Graphene contact enhancer to good effect on fuses in some situations. It often has a fairly powerful influence on high frequency reproduction and you may or may not find it to your tastes. Very system and component specific, especially if you already have a very revealing system. It needs to be used very sparingly, it’s easy to use too much.

The company is located in New Zealand but they have a distributor in the USA for this product.

There’s a lot of discussion about this product on various audio sites, search engines are your friend.

I have a bottle of Furutech’s contact enhancer that gets used on just about any metal-to-metal contact I can think of, including fuses.

I use these for my glasses, camera lenses, phone screen, and contacts to cleanse off any sweat or grease.

Thanks for the first suggestions. Are there differences and what effect do they cause?

Lots of people use this stuff.

At the end of the day, I suspect all you want is to avoid any grease or moisture from handling things and to prevent oxidation, but it depdends if the surface can oxidise at all.

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Scroll to the bottom of the page for this reviewer’s take. Also note his negative impression of the Caig Deoxit. I have read numerous negative opinions about that particular Caig product in contrast to frequently expressed favorable opinions about Caig Gold. I never cared for the slightly greasy feel left behind by the Deoxit. I have used it successfully to clean dirty connectors and old scratchy potentiometers but I always followed it up with 100% isopropyl alcohol or another cleaner that doesn’t leave residue after drying. Obviously I eventually got over that aversion to oily residue because the Mad Scientist certainly leaves an oily film behind - LOL. Just pointing out one of my own occasional logical inconsistencies.

These type of products are a never ending source of contention on audio forums. I’ve tried several “contact enhancers” over the years and they are usually are more trouble than they’re worth in my experience. In my system, the Mad Scientist obviously increases clarity in treble frequencies when applied to power cords (it cannot cause electrical shorts), interconnects, etc. but that can quickly become too much of a good thing. Most of the places I applied it ended up getting wiped clean after a couple of days. I ended up leaving it on my speaker spade connectors and the tiny pins on phono cartridges. I can’t say what effect it has on fuses in my current system because you can’t access fuses on my Luxman separates and cd player without a major disassembly project.

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