To regenerator or not delimma

Yes, the P15 makes wonders for the sound. At least it did it for me so I’m very happy with my P15.


I’d say the P10 will or should also cut out below or over certain voltages (?). Having said that, the P10 is most certainly way more accommodating of voltage swings than the PPP. In the end, a combination solution of Regenerator fed by (say) a 3Kva online UPS may be the best.

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Hi Birger,

Congratulations! It is nice to hear your investment in sound quality is paying its dividend.

I heard and read compliments from owners of PSA regenerators small and large, old and new. So, I have no doubt I am doing the right thing. I have no doubt sonic benefits would be more exciting than power protection.

Be safe and enjoy the weekend

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I am confident the p15 would have better tolerance towards voltage fluctuations than the Dectet. I will observe and give feedback. Thanks for suggesting the UPS. For those who happen to need a UPS, should a UPS be placed between mains and the regenerator? Also, did anybody give any feedback around UPS and sound quality?

Have a good weekend.

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Good morning Serhan…

Indeed looking forward to your impressions with your new P15…

My feeling is that you will be so captivated by the improved sq
that it may be awhile before you are willing to stop enjoying
your rediscovering your music…

Much happy and enjoyable listening…

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Hello David,

Allow me to compliment your positive and encouraging demeanor. A couple of tubes worth $80 have almost glued me to the listening seat! Now, I worry the P15 would have me rivetted! :grin: Improvements to analogue playback would be thrilling.

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Yes sir Serhan …you will be riveted indeed…no distraction will
break your attention…

Are you ready ??

Serhan…you are very close to the irrecoverable
slippery slope brought about by the vacuum pull in a tube run by
minty filamints and grids n plates of all delectabe never ending

Happy tooooobing!!!

Ooops forgot about the cathode, no cathode well…no music…

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