Shunyata Everest vs P20

Anyone have experience with these two units.?

I have a Denali v2 with an omega PC and had a P20 with a PSA AC5 PC. With Pass amps and pre, the shunyata is better…YMMV


I understand that the fellow that bought your P20 is very happy you bought the Denali :wink:.


This is an interesting topic. If you follow Steve Huff he had a P20 and said keeping. But his power had some weird DC issue in which the P20 only solved 80%. He ended up with a Puritan power filter and ultimate cable. It solved his issue and sound great. He pointed out that each had it owns sound signature. Like everything else in this hobby it’s system dependent and subjective

I owned a Puritan as well. Thought it sounded great with my bhk 300s but when I replaced the BHKs with pass x260.8s, it buzzed like crazy….returned to my dealer successfully…he did put up a pretty big fight though.

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One is active and one is passive…pick your poison! I own a Everest and love what it does for my system. I am biased though…I like passive…less to muck things up!

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About a year ago, I borrowed an Everest from a friend for a month as he was away.
Since then, I’ve been thinking about selling my P20, but it hasn’t been high on my priority list.
I thought the Shunyata did sound better.

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I’m diving into the same question… and if there is one thing I’ve come to conclusion on…

The guy / gal across the country with completely different generation and distribution and sub-station stability needs a different solution than I do so we’re not going to hear the same thing.

And, as others pointed out, Passive vs. Active

Then there is filtering vs. filtering + partial regeneration vs. full regeneration. I’ve heard full regen and, if I could afford it, it’d be what I’d install. However, being cost prohibitive, I like the passive route. Now I just need to find something that makes a difference in my house. I’ve got fairly clean / stable power on dedicated circuits and I’ve already upgraded outlets… at this point the mid-tier passives are not giving me any benefit. My next step is putting a budget together for something like Denali or Everest but I need to find a dealer who can loan me one on demo.

Has anyone tried feeding a P20 from a Puritan or a Shuyata Everest?

Cousin Paul frowns on this…but has anyone done this with either of these 2 units?
If so what were your results.

Thanks everyone
Best wishes

Seems a very slight tilt towards the Shunyata

I have not done a Shunyata vs. PSA shootout in a while but I did chose the P20 over the Denali in the end. For me the Shunyata noise reduction produced a very intoxicating black background but I thought it sacrificed dynamics. Power conditioners and regenerators could be very system dependent. Try before you buy and listen for yourself. As for the Everest/ Omega combo, I have not tried it. I believe Al and M. Fats have compared it to the P15. Maybe they can chime in.

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I believe you are correct that @aangen and @minnesotafats did compare Shunyata conditioner to the PS Audio regenerator.

I was not at all impressed with the Denali or the Pink Unicorn, or whatever we tried from Shunyata. And I am a former Shunyata Fanboi. It just sounded poor. The cure was a P15.

I have a P20 with a $160,000 fuse so I think I may be okay.

Oh, I own a Puritan as well and it lasted 15 minutes before I switched back to the P20. This is pre $160,000 fuse days. The Puritan is most appreciated in my home theater setup.


Since when do you use lowly $160K fuses? It must be a recession.


Apparently, Al is still using version 1 of that fuse. How embarrassing.


Al is using a prototype ASR diamond fuse that no one has heard of yet. I was told it made a marginal improvement, if any. But the point is no one else has it.


It measures well and it has a pleasant scent.


We compared the Hydra Sigma 12 conditioner to the P15 and it wasn’t very close. I live in a condo building with 200 other units so the regeneration application probably has an advantage vs a conditioner. Also we were not comparing versus the reference level Shunyata conditioners.

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I have an Everest with Sigma XT to Shunyata plug and Sigma NR to integrated, phono preamp, streamer and DAC. Have Venom NR to subs which handle just bottom octave. This constitutes the most expensive component ( conditioner +PCs) in my system and probably the most critical. This isn’t a negative review of the regenerators in that I’ve not tried these products.

I use a P10 but don’t like Shunyata NR cables as a supply to the P10 - as mentioned above, they seem to suck the life out of the sound (I do use NRs on other gear ahead of the dacs/amps that are connected to the P10).