To regenerator or not delimma

Lonson is right, I wouldn’t stack the phono stage or BHK pre right on top of the P15, but a handful of inches will be more than enough to not have any RF/EMI concerns.

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This is good info. Thank you Lonson and James. In my case, each unit goes into its own shelf with space above and on the sides. Initially, I am planning to have the P15 about 4" above the mono-blocks and 6" below the BHK pre which could be swapped with the DSD. Analogue playback will be sent further away.

I hope I won’t have any RF/EMI interference, and will approach this with an open mind. Will give my feedback once the unit is here and operating.

Have a great weekend ahead, be safe, healthy and happy


Having had a RF/EMI issue with a phono stage recently, I moved it and it went away. I don’t use a rack so relocating the unit was not a problem. I suspect if you put the pre at the top of the rack and got a piece of copper or steel wire mesh or a piece mild steel cut to size, it should do the trick.

The problem I had was putting the phono on top of a power supply that is in an aluminium case. Aluminium is not really a barrier of EMI.

That suggests to me that, as a general principle, if a component with a power supply is in a steel case with no gaps (air vents etc), it will be OK.

Some of the power plants, such as the old P3 and the new P12, have an open mesh top and therefore could throw out loads for EMI.

This was the offending item, looks good but not user-friendly.
Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 09.03.53


Thanks Steven. The mesh idea sounds worthy of trying in case of any interference. Hopefully, there won’t be any.


Always a pleasure. Keep us in the loop.

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Receiving my p10 today, any advice on set up?


Nice! I’m sure you’re getting excited. It’s pretty plug and play. Definitely play about with the MW the first couple of days. See if you’re system likes it. My system enjoys strength 4 MW, but yours will likely vary.

Is it OK to plug in and turn on the p10 without components being attached? Just want to see how it acts at first.

Absolutely fine to do.

You bet. Have at it.

Recommendation on plugging in low voltage components such as turntable?

I’d plug it into any zone. It doesn’t need to be in a HC zone, so I’d probably plug it into a different zone. But shouldn’t matter.


Serhan once your P15 has arrived and installed …you will
ask you yourself how did I ever live wthout this…it is
that much of an upgrade to your power going to your gear.

The real hard part is waiting to hear you tell us all about it…

I hope you will


I know there is an internet component to the p10, how do I access it?

The main PowerPlay feature should be going live in the coming weeks (No solid ETA yet). You can still access a few features by going here.

Just figured it out myself on a new P12. Once you connect the ethernet cable and find the ip address on the unit, just open up a browser on your computer and mobile and type it in like you would access a modem config. As simple as that,

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Hi David,
Actually, I have have been having frequent voltage surges causing PSA Dectet to trip a few times a day. That is so inconvenient, particularly that I have to wait for a few minutes for anything with valve tubes. Moreover, I do not know when the next interruption will take place.

So, I decided to take the plunge and get a P15 hoping it won’t trip like a power conditioner does. Sonic improvements will come as cadeaux :smile:


Yes, good work. You can address any of our Power Plants when they are on your local network. All you need is a web browser.