Tour de France: anyone keeping up?

Watching via NBC sports gold. I wasn’t planning on it but they auto-charged me :roll_eyes: and I was at first annoyed but then thought what the hell, it’s a nice distraction. The full stage no-ad replays are great - I watch the start, fast forward to midway to check what’s happening and then the last 40K.

Great sprint finish yesterday!


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It sure was a great finish…and what a lead over the 1st pac
amazing…and holding the lead for most of the stage

I love Phil and Bob but missing Paul Sherwen


Wonder why he wasn’t with commentators…

Sherwen died, what, 2 years ago?

yeah, about that…2 years in Dec.

It was a real shock. I felt like I’d lost a friend, even though we’d obviously never even met.

Somehow I just did not know …that is sad…what a loss…

62 is too young. I’m 54 next month and experiencing my wear and tear of my extreme active days. Joints and what not, ticker is good.

I wonder if he damaged his heart racing and training or lifestyle. He seemed like he was fit right to the end.

I really liked the three of them together. Phil with his very British way, Paul the base straight man and Bob the silly spice.

Sagan isn’t a happy guy lately

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Glad your are in one piece with good ticker and joints…means a

I’m missing Chris Froome. Amazing sprinter bursting with speed
from way behind charging ahead to take the stage repeatedly
and winning the tour…

I knew he suffered a horrendous crash at high speed suffering multiple
fractures…I hope Chris will be able to rejoin the tour…

And how about Julian Alaphilippe…

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Sherwen’s death stunned me, a terrible loss. He was a wonderful man.

Sherwen is sorely missed, but Roll is doing a great job. He’s bringing his own personality to the commentary.

A great TdF so far and with the mountains looming, it should get even more exciting. I think we’re going to see some reshuffling of the leaderboard.

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Egan cracked on stage 13 today (Froome cried) and Primo got more time (59s) on Egan so it looks like Primo will get it done. Great to see the Colombian take the stage today. Check out “the move” podcast w/ LA, GH, and JD discussing each stage…

Stage 15 - pack it in Egan - (Froome cried again)… best to just focus on Vuelta Egan… Primo 2nd, looks unstoppable in GC spot; his countryman Pogacar wins stage 15 and claws back seconds for 2nd spot GC…

Big, shocking upset in stage 20 by a 21 year old man. Viva le Tour

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Tadej Pogacar from Slovenia wins today’s time trials will wear yellow jersey to Paris tomorrow.

What a win pretty much locks him in for 2020 Tour win…according
to NBCSN sports announcers


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When was the last year someone gave up the yellow jersey during the last stage to Paris?

Chas …If I can recall the announcers saying 1929? Really I forgot
but think it was that long ago…

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I will have to ask the “Barogue” boys. They have been around since 1750. :smile: