Tour of 500,000 watt all tube radio transmitter

Incredible…hard to imagine…

Have fun watching…


Fascinating :slight_smile:

“Three phase humbucking filaments” :slight_smile:

Amazing what they got done with the available technology.

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Question - so why modulate the 500kw transmitter (with two 180 kw audio transformers!), when it is supposed to be an amplifier stuck on the end of the existing 50kw transmitter?
Why not just keep using the modulator in the 50kw Tx and use the 500kw stage as a “linear amplifier” (not that class C is especially linear).
Anyone know?

Joma …I think the narrator stated that it was to keep the audio amp from
oscillating…given the humongous trasnformer size…and amp output…

May be good to go back review the video…

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I shall indeed :slight_smile:

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