Delay mode with p 12 pp

hello all, i could use some advice on a couple things that are not to clear in the manual. when/if useing the delay mode for start up would there be a preference when starting components up? i have bhk preamp, m 700 monoblocks, stellar gain cell that is being used as a dac currently.maybe bhk first, stellar second and amps third as a example. i looked for this in the search bar but to no avail.also with the multiwave there is a variable strength adjustment that you can toggle on or off.kinda clueless on that.also i assume it is wise to use the 2 high current slots for the mono blocks. thanks so much.

As a rule your start up should flow like the signal, source to power amp. If you do the reverse the amps will pop with each new start up.

The power down should start with the amps and go backwards.

You have the power up sequence exactly right. Think about it as the signal goes through the system. and as hlg3 mentioned, powering down is the exact opposite. As far as the MW strength goes, we really just recommend playing with it and see what your system prefers. It’s going to be system dependent, but mine really likes strength 4 FWIW.