Trouble installing Yale

Hi Ted,yes I did. The numbers were exact…

mark-d said Ted,I did just that and there is a very slight difference in sound quality between the two SD cards.One install sounds ever so slightly quieter than the other. I would not categorize one being better sounding than than the other, but none the less, less noise levels are obvious. Have you ever heard a cleaner sound yourself between cards?
And was the difference in sound repeatable?

Tho Paul seems to disagree, I hear a slow change right after changing firmware and rebooting. But if I was for 5 - 10 minutes they always seem to sound the same even after multiple loads.

largenmt said I was wondering whether there is any correlation between using an "virgin" SD card and one that has been used previously for other firmwares (or other uses) and problems loading a new firmware. I've never experienced an issue but I don't reuse the cards.
In this context I feel I need to say I seriously doubt that there's any memory in a DS as to which kind of SD card or how it was formatted.

There differences between SD cards in my experience is whether they work at all and that depends on whether the 5 (or so) files get put at the root correctly and whether the file system on the card is in good shape. When you leave a card in the back of the device for a while you may eventually corrupt the file system when you power off the DAC during a write (a cover or whatever.) Also I’ve corrupted cards by not using the OS’s eject. A format of the card will help to fix these kind of problems.

No,I did not. I will give it try when I get time. But,I have listened at length to the first YF sd card,and to the second one for a few hours after install and the difference to me is clear. Right now I will leave the second sd card install in for a time and then go back to the first and see if I feel the same…cool

Ted Smith said
When you leave a card in the back of the device for a while you may eventually corrupt the file system when you power off the DAC during a write (a cover or whatever.)
Ted, to make sure I understand .... So we shouldn't leave the card with OS files on it in the DS after updating? If we want to display album art we should use another card? Are the restrictions on SD card type the same for album art as for OS installation? Thanks for your many wonderful explanations!

You are welcome to use the same SD card, just be prepared to format it if you need to before the next update. AFAIK you won’t hurt the card by powering off the DS, but you may (very rarely) corrupt it.

(I presume) the restrictions on SD cards are the same for cover art and for doing an update.

Dennis … can you please post the correct checksum values for each of the 5 files so that we can check the files on the SD card with them?


I was on Yale Beta and when I put in Yale (the last) nothing happened ie. no flashing at the front. I did this a couple of times with no luck.

Normally I have no trouble with fw updates.

So I did what Ted(?) suggested and reloaded PP then I reformatted the card with Yale on it & did the download. This time it worked.

I had a quick listen. My favourite Mary Gauthier song (Same Road from Between Daylight and Dark) sounded spectacular. The subtle slide guitar and the nuances of her voice were there like before but to a higher degree. happy-048_gif

Ted Smith said
frank7036 said I downloaded YF on Saturday, loaded without any problems but I didn't notice any particular improvements I could point my finger at and then I read some of the posts here and checked out my download. The file list is slightly different to the ones listed in your post, the 1st file has a slightly different name DSDD0164.hex - should I re-download and does anyone know why this happens?

Do the version numbers on your display look like the ones in the beginning of the Yale Final thread:

(You get to the version screen by pressing the little gear icon in the upper left of the screen.)

In particular is the Firmware 1.6.4 and the FPGA 0.91?

If not, install an older version, say PP, and then install Yale again. You might want to redownload and replace the files on you SD card as well.

Hi Ted & Dennis,

I checked the install as recommended and everything was as you said it should be however I also then followed your recommendations and re-installed PP and then again installed YF from a new SD card. It all sounds good now. Thank you for the tips.

One thing I did notice was that after the 2nd YF install the 1st track I played (via the PWT / I2S) immediately after install the sound was very distorted but completely went away after switching the source to USB and back again to I2S not playing anything just using the remote to switch?? Weird. Thank you, Dennis and everyone at PS Audio for making great products and software.

alcarp said Dennis .. can you please post the correct checksum values for each of the 5 files so that we can check the files on the SD card with them?


File name MD5 SHA1

DSDD0164.hex 70560AEB2D807A7824DF0C57656EEAAE 98344FC61676D855D5BB7817B711B143598D42C9
DSDG0011.hex 89275F27C6666A35A808B79EBC353610 B43C5B0F603B728DA5F2604FCB9F87F41974CB27
fpga9114.hex 986AF722BDDAAB7C920B781EF9A93956 19DBD41744D1846CCF3578A0943FEBEC8E12C191
LOADER.CFG 6C4ABB8612811C2C232DEC4A4C1A5087 B7AC2B9C20DDFC8BD878904B4B78F80F48665F7C
USBL0021.hex 379AD1780DCD1F2FCF74B2A42F6F61EB A19078CD04A71E9E6CB2E797863288D1A5CE7439

Everyone please memorize these.

Elk,will there be a quiz in the morning? surprised-014_gif

Thanks Ted. I checked those against the MD5 checksums on the SD card and they check out perfectly.

mark-d said Elk,will there be a quiz in the morning?
I'm working on assigning new passwords for everyone.

I would also like to do a checksum verification of my YF files, but I have no idea how to get the md5 and sha1 numbers you show. I looked at the file view options but could not see checksum. Do I need a special program to get them? Thanks.

Yes, you need a checksum utility, such as this one.

There are vast amounts of them, here is one:

MD5# file checker/generator

Elk just beat me to it with Google happy-048_gif

If you change just one 0 to 1 vice versa (or ASCII character or similar) inside the file, your # result will differ by a large margin (probably).

Remember that this integrity check has nothing to do with encryption, but it can be used to check for corrupt files or deliberate tampering.

In our case, if PS Audio revert with the MD5# for the YF zip file or even for each of the 5 files for the SD card, the chances for mistakes (e.g. wrong file versions) are highly reduced. You just have to ensure that when you run the files through the utility, the results match exactly with the PS Audio ones.

Elk and Frode - many thanks.

I was using the Microsoft fciv.exe command line version that I got from the Microsoft site while waiting for a reply here. I had forgotten what a PITA DOS commands were. The utility you referenced is so much easier and faster and provides both formats. And I have now confirmed that my files are AOK.



Ted S…After listening to the second YF sd install for some time, I feel it is a bit quieter than the first YF sd install. It could be me,I dont know,but I will leave the second install in and be totally happy with that…Thanks for your time.smiley-music005_gif

Problem solved!!!

I formatted and reformatted my card, ejected properly, and tried all kinds of firmware downloads with no luck.

Boy do I feel dumb! embarassed I guess it really is true, you have to be smarter than the computer to use it.

I had forgotten that when I installed the beta I unziped the download file and copied the files to the SD card.

Funny thing, unzipping Yale Final and copying the files to the SD card made it work perfectly.

It installed right over beta.

Woo hoo!!! Self inflicted frustration over. happy-132_gif


Wonderful news!

We have all done such things, in one form or another.

Computers do what we tell them to, not necessarily what we want.