Trouble with Directstream junior + audirvana

I use the Directstream junior with Audirvana (wifi connection). My source is Qobuz.

I have a very annoying issue when I try to switch from one song to another with Audirvana (but it’s the same issue with my phone, when I use Bubble UPNP apps): pushing play one time doesn’t change the song but launch from the beginning the song you were listening initially. Pushing play a second time just stop the song.

I have also another issue with the volume control doesn’t work neither (in audirvana). Sometimes, it’s very strange, the DAC volume is modified like 5 seconds later.

I do think that the issue comes from the DAC as when I use a headset connected to my pc, I don’t have any of these issues.

Any idea?

The play button issue is likely a latency issue. (Maybw because it’s wifi…) I’ve experienced this with some other playback SW, but it isn’t constant nor every time. Does skip or next track seem to work well?

Yes, this is a hard one for our programmers. Changing the volume within any app controlling the Bridge is really funky. Often times will be latent as the commands don’t always come through properly. Also, the DAC’s volume is from 0-100 which doesn’t always translate well with how the program controls its volume. In general, to avoid the headache, I recommend using the DAC’s remote to control the volume.

The issue is constant. It’s always the same bug.
Next track doesn’t work neither.
The only way to switch a song is to push stop before.

Do you know what version of FW you have for the Bridge?

FW= firmware?
I think it’s 3.0.0
TO be comprehensive, I see:
Version window 3.00.00
BRDG: 3.6.86
FPGA: 00.146
USB: 01.02
Boot: 01.13

Pretty sure that’s all up to date. As long as it says Windom. I always forget the version number that represents Windom for the DSJ. Have you tried MConnect control to see if you have the same behavior?

In my years with the DSJ, Audirvana simply does not work well over the Bridge II. This is a known issue that has been brought to Paul on the forums. Audirvana says it’s a software issue on the PS Audio side of the divide and that they are happy to help PSA fix the issue. A ways back Paul said he would pursue it, but nothing seemed to come of it.

MConnect is anemic as well. The only thing that works consistently well over the Bridge is Roon.

I don’t like MC connect. It’s not a very userfriendly app. But yes, it seems to work better.

Yet, I would like to use Audirvana, as from what I have tested, there is really a gain in terms of sound quality and ergonomy.

So, if I understand correctly, I can forget audirvana, except if I use a USB connection, which is not convenient at all…
Roon is really too expensive for what it is, in my opinion.
Does the DSJ works fine with other softs?
JRiver media center is ugly :confused:
I feel that the sound is very good with audirvana. Would I have an equivalent quality with JRiver media center?

Over the Bridge, it’s Roon or nothing. Roon is excellent, I have a lifetime license, it’s far beyond any other library management software.

Over USB, everything works in terms of the DSJ. If Roon is too expensive, then Audirvana is your best option.

Give or take false finishes (stops near the end of a song, then finishes playing the last few seconds) with hi-res files (FLAC above redbook and DSF), JRiver works well with the bridge. I will admit it’s been disappointing how long fixes take and how they’re never 100% resolved. Yes, I get it, the bridge isn’t PSAs software.

Edit: I think foobar works well too. I don’t use foobar but assume it works.

Over the Bridge, it’s Roon or nothing. R

You don’t have any issue with the DSJ and Roon? No issue at all?
Can you also control the volume with Roon?

Yes, JRiver and ROON are probably the most popular and both seem to work well with the Bridge. I agree that ROON is expensive for playback SW, but it’s UI and features are next to none.

Not sure I get you point. Are you saying that roon interface is not very good?

Actually, i don’t even understand how to use JRiver media center. I don’t understand how i can use qobuz with it.

He’s saying the opposite, Roon is lightyears ahead of the competition. Roon has a 14 day free trial, give it a try. It is expensive, no way around that fact.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Yes, 700$ is 7 times more expensive than audirvana for 2 installations !!!

How many installations do you have for 700$?

I feel that it’s probably a very good soft, but it has to be perfect for that price.

The only way I know how is to use the JRiver server and then the mconnect app to initiate Qobuz. JRiver makes the DLNA connection while mconnect is the controller on your device. I don’t have a Qobuz account so haven’t tried it but I’m pretty sure it’ll work.

I find it unfortunate but JRiver will never add native Qobuz or tidal support. They are adamant that it’s a waste of their time. Also, Qobuz is rumored to have a native DLNA application, around 2018, but I don’t think it was ever developed fully. Another unfortunate situation. Yes, I love JRiver and it’s customizing ability. Just wish they were more open to adding streaming. I would be done looking.

Well, I am trying Roon.
Everything works fine. :frowning:
If I pay 700$ for this, my wife will start becoming crazy :smiley:
The WAF…

@ dancingsea, you have shown me the logiciel I need. It will be difficult to be reasonable.
It’s not a good news for me, it the only soft that is both userfriendly and efficient is so expensive.

Is there any chance to find a way to make audirvana work? I understand that Paul is the guy we should push, right? :slight_smile: