TSS Two Chassis Super DAC


Very different mindsets.

I come from a racing background and riding a high-performance bike well is its own reward. One stops only briefly for for fuel, to rehydrate, to quickly eat.

The average Harley rider is trundling along to the next bar or other social event.

Nothing wrong with either, just very different.

(I honestly do want to know why Harley Herds are so offended when they are passed. To me it is just weird. If you want to go faster, pass.)


I think it’s just group dynamic and peer pressure… just as if a Harley biker passes a group of (parking) race bikers… I guess they wouldn’t be quiet either :wink:


Well,well…look who’s playing nice with D’Agostino in the sandbox.:sunglasses:


Have you bought the D’Agostino ?


LOL Dirk…I’m to poor for that my friend. It’s from this ad on US Audio Mart.


I did see the logo on the bottom right corner but I just thought you had treated yourself. Just rob a bank if you haven’t enough in your own account…!


Or maybe Brodric instead…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He possibly has one he no longer uses just to keep the shed door open on a windy day… :grinning:


UGLY! Why do they think this looks nice?


Non Now - Six, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Agreed, not necessarily something I would find joy looking at, but each to his own…!


So true. I guess some of the beholders are cross eyed!


Good One…:sunglasses::grinning:


Coming from a metal working background and knowing the intricacies of the art of fabrication and machining… this casing work is quite frankly… a work of art of the highest degree… Besides…beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Certainly excellent craftsmanship, regardless of whether the design has any appeal.


There is no getting away from the craftsmanship and intricacies of the build… A substantial product. A very distinctive piece of work ! Not to my liking, but to each his own……….!


" Just used 10 times" It is that enough to actually evaluate the SQ?
The seller doesn’t even say why its for sale?


It’s a shame the result of all the impressive craftsmanship is so hideous. Just because you can…


Not that it directly shows craftmanship (or the lack thereof) but here’s a picture of the boards talking:

The coil on the scopes is a 10 meter optical cable. The 3" silver/blue/black cylinder with a white cable connecting it to the board by the laptop is the real time debugger for the processor. The fun part is that if I single step the code the analog card mutes since it can’t see the digital :slight_smile: That took some time to figure out, Ooops.

Too early for critical tests (or even measuring), but it is nice to have (intermittent) audio: software bugs are causing periodic hash, etc… but it’s nice to get something other that just scope traces.

My workspace is hardly ever that clean, but I sure don’t need anything shorting the boards out on the bottom…


Aesthetically, I prefer Ted’s current version of the TSS to the D’Agostino Momentum Integrated above.


OMG … an on-topic append!!! Ted … thank you very much for the update. It’s fun to watch how you are proceeding through the design process.