Ultimate Outlets with P15?

I am upgrading my P600 to a Direct Stream PP15. I had been using my P600 with 2 Ultimate Outlets as follows: High Current UO from wall outlet and P600 into it. Standard UO from P600 with DAC and CD transport into it.

The P15 manual states that other power conditioners should not be used with it. Since UOs aren’t true conditioners is it “ok” to use them with the P15? Is anyone doing that? If so, is there any benefit to using them?


I have APC H15 power conditioner plugged to wall outlet, and P12 plugged to APC.
I read the manual regarding the power conditioner should be avoid. So did a comparison with P12 to wall outlet, I did not hear sonic difference on my system (which is NOT a highly resolved audiophile system) so I leave the P12 plugged to APC.

I have used an Ultimate Outlet with my P15. I think it’s dependent on system, room and taste as so much else is. My Ultimate Outlet has an Audio Magic fuse in it, my P15 an SR Blue, and my other components even more expensive Audio Magic fuses. I have tubed preamps and amps and with some tube complements I felt the Ultimate Outlet did help smooth out a slight treble grittiness and then after a few months of P15 seasoning and further tube rolling and gain adjustments between components I felt that the system was just a bit lean. Fiddling about I wondered what the system would now sound like with the Ultimate Outlet removed, removed it, and loved the result–a very consistent frequency balance top to bottom and a smidgeon more dynamics. So since then the Ultimate Outlet has been in another system.