Windows 11 stopped streaming

I had DS, UltraRendu, Matrix X with Audirvana with Tidal working until I updated to Windows 11. I’ve seen a message that DS DAC is not being allowed through firewall. In my case Bitdefender Total Security takes over firewall duties. Bitdefender ask me to browse to devices in network. I can’t find DS DAC. I have a ASUS RT AX89X router with enough ports to plug everything directly to the router. Is there a mapping software that would help the browsing search? Would adding Ultradigital to Rendu help? Would that replace the Matrix X? Any help appreciated.

Thanks for the thread… Looks like I’ll stay with W10 for while!

Fortunately my nuc isn’t upgradable to W11

The ASUS software should be able to locate and ID all of the network devices. You might have to use the version for your phone. Once you have the network ID you should be able to tell the firewall to let it thru.

I am able to find the IP of UltraRendu in Fing but when I enter the IP in Bitdefender Total Security Firewwall settings along with TCP protocal I get an error message. Bitdefender does ask for a port number and I’ve tried to use the CMD promps to find the port for the IP number of UltraRendu, but that IP does not show. One time all the local port numbers were 443 and another time they were 108. I’m about ready to abandon UlraRendu. No music for 3 weeks is sad. Would Ultradigital work with Audrivana and Tidal and Windows 11. Any suggestioons appreciated.

I don’t think IO will get Audirvana to work with Windows 11. And Windows tells me it’s past 10 days so I can’t go back to 10. I have a new Mac Mini so I’m going to try to use the Mac version of Audirvana there. In preferences I have not been able to locate UltraRendu or DS DAC yet.

Audirvana settings in the M1 MacMini has Output set to Mac speakers. UltraRendu is a choice below. The music is back. My MacMini is in my audio cabinet wired to my router. I’ll set up Luna to control it remotely with an ipad.

I discovered two problems. One, Urendu needed a software update, this is not automatic. Second, my 200 Mbps Spectrum contract is speed testing at 35 Mbps. Spectrum is sending a technition tomorrow. Also I’ll try to find out what the mystery log-in to urendu05300000 server is related to.


Audirvana now works with Windows 11.

Or, it works for one or two songs and drops out. Plus, UltraRendu settings for DS DAC and network server must be set in Sonore before Audirvana is loaded. I think these are early Windows 11 bugs.