Unable to register new product

@jamesh, @erik
I registered the new Stellar P3 on product registration on PSAudio.com, the serial number on my unit starting with STL, but after browsing the product category for the p3 , it is STP not STL, enter the serial number after STL- on the label , it saved but nothing show for newly-registered P3,
How can I register the new one ?
BTW what are the outlets of the P3 for EURO version with 4 outlets support the HC mode? mine is shuko plug type
Thank you

I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions. I had my own difficulties registering my new BHK preamp, but when I phoned PS Audio for assistance, the people I spoke to were very helpful. I recommend you try doing the same.

I believe he is looking for Elk.

And while I’m here, I’ve never had any trouble registering a product here.

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I am sorry; I am unable to help with this issue.

I suggest giving PS Audio a call next week. @jamesh is likely to see this and may be able to help as well.

Same here!

If you call or send an email with the serial numbers they will register it for you. I have done it that way with a couple of items that I bought used.

I think this is related to the api issue, from my observation from browser console(dev tools), I get 422 error for POST method.

    "success": false,
    "data": {
        "input_name": null,
        "message": "Unable to parse STL-P3-GR-S into a Serial_Number object"

so I will call PS sometime next week, the issue should be fixed since there will be hundreds of users want to register their old product.

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STL-P3-GR-S is the Sku. The serial will end in either 4 or 6 numbers. If you still have the box, it will be on the sticker with the barcode.

Mine have also been on the packing slip attached to the box.