Von Schweikert VR5SE Anniversary Speakers = Beach Music!

Delivered yesterday.

How am I going to keep Glossy Piano Black clean with Shiloh the Golden Retriever running things?

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But how do they sound?!


Oh, you are supposed to play them? No one said.

They are magnificent. Much more detailed than the VSA VR4SRMkII’s they replaced. Still messing around with setup for which I have precious little patience for and will probably just say, "f-it."

If you are familiar with the Von Schweikert sound, the Anniversary’s are a bit more toward modern Wilson Audio end of the spectrum yet retaining that famous VSA romance.

Best I can do. I am terrible at this. I like the little teak boxes with the accessories & tools in them - cool. (pictured at foot of stand.)


Colour me very jealous.

(I like the guard cat.)


Elk said: I like the guard cat

The guard cat is actually a sculptor’s model for a larger bronze piece by Leon Kroll. The bronze sculpture is now in the Virginia Museum of Art in Richmond. Leon Kroll was some how related to the family on my Father’s side. After my Father died it passed on to me (the model - not the bronze).

This explains why it is so nicely proportioned and posed.

Set up will pay off big time with these speaks. Try to get them away from the back wall first, then the side walls with little tow-in. I have mine towed in about 5 degrees. (Mine are Alberts’ first pair of 5SE’s). Mine are 59" from the rear wall, measured for the front of the bass cabinet, and 38" from the side wall measured from the center dust cover of the bass driver. Your room will be different, but spend some time with this. A couple hours will afford a lot of musical enjoyment. hen small tweaks to get it just right.

As for keeping them clean a Swifter works great!

Congrats, man! I’ll bet they sound as great as they look.

Just ordered the VSA VR5 Anniversary Mark II field kit. New Mids L&R & new Beryllium L&R Tweeters.

Suppose to be a drop-in upgrade. Little WBT silver solder from the shop and I am on my way!

On the phone with Von Schweikert for about an hour today. The VR5 Anniversary is to become a legacy. There are 5 left at the factory and that is it. Cost of production prohibits manufacturing at that target price point. Look for the VR55 soon.

The upgraded mids & tweeters installed. Completely re-wired tops & bottoms using Audiology Plus oval & WBT Silver solder. 4 hours with LED flashlight in mouth. Hey, it’s dark in there.

Drinking 17 year old Port Finish Single Malt with Shiloh at my feet.

Fun. Probably it will need some break-in time. What are your initial thoughts? Great looking speakers btw.

@stereophilus Well, the 17 year old Single Malt Scotch is rich with hints of…yadda, yadda, yadda…

Beryllium Tweeters will take 100 hours & the Kevelar composit mids about the same. The Audiology Plus oval wire…who knows? So far the sound is further towards the Wilson Audio end of the spectrum…not sure that makes me happy. I am a romantic.

I doubt my Scotch will last that long…which is a concern. Tomorrow, I have the dreaded tree lighting duty at Patricia’s so I will just leave them playing while I am decorating…which will soon be followed by the un-decorating.

BTW: The Beryllium tweeters came with warning tags & gloves…all of which I ignored. Am I radio active now?

The Beryllium tweeters came with warning tags & gloves...all of which I ignored. Am I radio active now?

Yes. On the upside it should make lighting up your tree easy. =:) =:) =:)

@stereophilus Now that is funny!!

birddogthecat said: Am I radio active now?


Just do not lick the stuff, nor cut it and inhale the dust/fumes. It is toxic.

If I recall correctly, it is banned in California as it makes one all right.


I shall resist the temptation to add into my morning tea…but, then again… :)>-

It is an element about which I remember little. I recall from dabbling in radiation biology that there is a radioactive isotope, but created through gamma radiation we are not going to typically run across.

Most elemental toxicity results from the inhalation of dust, both radioactive and not. Mammals are very susceptible to many things ingested in this fashion.

It is a bit safer to ingest with tea so you are on the right track.

@elk I was looking forward to the “beneficial” side effects!