Update SACD transport V2.16

I try to update my SACD transport. But no succes. Maybe this version is already on my SACD transport.
Done everything as is written in the manual. Thumb drive formatted is, 1GB, must be enough file is 610kb. Release notes say nothing about 2.16 it stops with 2.14. any tips???
The manual says image.bin but on my thumbdrive it’s transport-V2.16.bin


Is the USB formatted FAT32?

yes, it is

Some others are having difficulty as well. I will report back when I have more information.

I change the file name in image.bin and try again.
Changed the name into image.bin and it works


To be clear, what did you change in the image.bin?

Nothing only changed the name of the bin file. I changed the name into image.bin because the manual says image.bin and not the name unzipped.
transport-v2.16.bin --> image.bin


Dang, nice find Ronald! I’ll pass it to other folks and hope it works for them. Thanks!

Well done, Ronald!

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I’ll try that now and let you know.