Upgrade P5 to P12

I’m sure I can anticipate the answer: lower impedance output from the P20. The problem is I’ll never A/B between a P20 and a P15. Who would?

Me. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Ok, so the P12 has to go back home. They have to adjust the Johnson Rod, so that it doesn’t go into “confusion mode”.
No big deal except carrying the mother into the Fedex store.
So now I’m listening connected into what i once thought was the bees knees of power conditioners. Yeesh, how horribly flat, lifeless, disappointing. Stunning difference. Can’t wait to get it back!

really? P5 is flat, lifeless and boring?

nope. I said “power conditioner”. Audioquest Niagara 1000.

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Well, that explains it.

Since my P12 has been back to The Mother Ship for a realignment of it’s Dilithium crystals, I’m re-reminded of one of the problems that Power Plants solve: inconsistent sound. Right now, my system is sounding pretty mellifluous. Yesterday, not so much; In fact I turned it off in frustration.
Inconsistent sound left my consciousness after I installed the first P5. Now it’s back.
Ok Jeremy, send it back!

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Wanted to bring this thread back up and see if more owners who went from a P5 to P12 and can comment on the differences.
I will upgrade my P5 to a P12, but having just experienced MW for the first time, I love the P5 and can’t see how it can get any better!

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nikolay…the difference in the internal upgrades in the P12 over
the P5 is very significant…the difference is not a small one
by any means…

In my system going from P5 to P12 is as if I had done a major
upgrade revamp of my entire system…

Everything you appreciate that your P5 has done for your system
the P12 moves up from there significantly.

I thought going from my P5 to P12 woukld be a “sidewise” move…
not by any means…it is that much better!!!

Going P12 to P15 even more so…

Worthwhile grabbing one …

Best wishes
Merry Christmas!!


Great to hear, thanks! I’ll pull the trigger now then.

Yes, I would go bigger if I could (and somehow find the $$$!), but my rack just can’t hold the size of a P15 or P20…


Congrats on your decision…a very good one…

Earlier on myself as well debated between P12 and P15
given the wight factor difference…but after much prayer
and consideration a way to set up P15 in a much easier fashion came
to mind…P15 now in place…

As you may be aware PS Audiio does have a trade in program,
check out this link :

Trade Ins | PS Audio

Merry Christmas

Good luck. If you opt for the P15 (space permitting) you would both enjoy better sound and be better prepared for future upgrades to your amplification.

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Your P12 can also be traded in for a P15 later on down the road
if you wish to do so.

Kevin Jackson is a very good person to work with, and I’m sure he
will help any way he can…

Best wishes

I already have what many consider to be the world’s best pre and power amps from Kondo Japan. So, fortunately, there is nothing to upgrade to!
With 8W of power I can exceed 120 dB in my room.

I don’t need any more power - the P5/12 is sufficient.

I think there are positives to having more than Powerplant, since line noise from one component to another is something no Powerplant will address. But I don’t have room for two P5/12s.

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Congrats. You have a niche setup. In my experience power plant zones do isolate noise by far. The only challenge is switching mode power supplies. If replacing them with linear power supplies is not practically possible, then they’re less noisy connected to their own wall receptacle & conditioner.

Thanks. I know low watts+high sensitivity is not the only way to achieve great sound; and I’d love to one day hear the opposite take. I do have a transmission line 6’ high sub with its own amp, so 8W is not quite the whole picture :wink:

I did find that the line noise from a Denon 8500 AVR was eliminated when I moved it as far as possible from the pre and power amps on the P5 (Zone A and D). But that didn’t fully work for a Sony 995 projector. MW 6 does the trick, but then that alters the sound negatively. MW 2 seems to be a happy middle ground.
It probably says that the Sony’s internal power supply is not great - especially since MW produces a noticeable improvement in picture quality!

Any idea if one of those cylindrical magnets on the Sony power cord will help reduce the line noise? Thanks


Can someone help explain why lower output impedance helps improve the regen? I don’t understand how this impacts AC power.

Ferrite beads are not expensive and you can find them on Amazon. An age old method, and definitely worth trying if the AVR and projector power cords cannot be substituted with better-shielded cables.

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Great, thank you!
I already had a Furutech 14 gauge silver power cord feeding the Sony, so while I can certainly get a more expensive cord, I’m not sure it will help. I’ll try the magnet!