Upgrade P5 to P12


I’m sure I can anticipate the answer: lower impedance output from the P20. The problem is I’ll never A/B between a P20 and a P15. Who would?


Me. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Ok, so the P12 has to go back home. They have to adjust the Johnson Rod, so that it doesn’t go into “confusion mode”.
No big deal except carrying the mother into the Fedex store.
So now I’m listening connected into what i once thought was the bees knees of power conditioners. Yeesh, how horribly flat, lifeless, disappointing. Stunning difference. Can’t wait to get it back!


really? P5 is flat, lifeless and boring?


nope. I said “power conditioner”. Audioquest Niagara 1000.


Well, that explains it.


Since my P12 has been back to The Mother Ship for a realignment of it’s Dilithium crystals, I’m re-reminded of one of the problems that Power Plants solve: inconsistent sound. Right now, my system is sounding pretty mellifluous. Yesterday, not so much; In fact I turned it off in frustration.
Inconsistent sound left my consciousness after I installed the first P5. Now it’s back.
Ok Jeremy, send it back!