Upgrade to P20

Now i use P500 for source and P1200 for amplifier

is it OK to upgrade a single P20 for both source and amplifier?

Welcome back Tonywong…

Help us out please tell us about your equipment…speakers
how loud you normally listen also size of room so some reasonable
ideas could come forth…

Just off the top of my head though a P20 should be more than able
to handle your system comfortably…

I run everything on my P12…and have plenty of headroom in my 15’x25’
listening room running Focal Aria 948s…

Oppo 205 Emotiva XSP1 Gen2 or Wyred4Sound STP Se Stage 2 pre
Parasound A21 class A/Ab amp

With my listening in the 60dbs with dynamics to mid 80’s P12 never
shows more than 40% or so and when I do crank with 80dbs as base
with highs in to the low100dbs still P12 never gets over 50%…never
breaking a sweat… lovin’ it

Happy journeying

Thanks davida

the amplifier is gryphon diablo 300 and the speaker is focus audio 788, the power plant is p-1200 (1x years ago product). i think it is not a loading issue

i just wonder whether it is good to plug all the sources (transport, dac, clock and amplifier) into a single PowerPlant. i saw Paul using separate powerplants for amplifiers.

I think you will absolutely fine. I really don’t know if a separate PP for amplification would result in any sonic improvement in the real world. When I see pictures of Paul and his set ups, I think he does what he does because he can. It is his company and he has a lot of equipment at his disposal…and good for him.

Hi tonywong,

I plug everything into my P20. That includes my streamer, DAC/Pre, two 300 W monoblocks, two GoldenEar TRef speaker 1800W sub amps, my Blu-Ray player and my TV. The speakers are efficient, my room is 20x15x10, and I have NEVER run out of power even when playing full range pipe organ at house-shaking volume.

That said, I did install a dedicated 20A line, per recommendations, so the P20 is able to achieve its max. I’m still only using about 1/3 of the P20 capacity at full bore.


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Tonywong…the technology has come such a long way night and day
A P20 would be a very large upgrade given the new technology
in the P20…new clock to rebuild the ac sine wave new output amps
plus a much lower impedance…

Imagine just a while back I traded in my P5 regenerator to a P12 with
the new technology…I thought well this may be just a sidewise move…
no way… the improvement was huge where the expected outcome
in the quality of sound was so very much improved…night and day!!

So have at it get the P20…you will be grinning ear to ear…and if not…
PS Audio does give a 30 day trial guarantee…

Happy journeying and upgrading!!