P20 amplification or sources

I’ve read lots of posts before without finding an answer.

I’m planning to change my room within next spring, treatments and furnitures involved. A symmetry between walls left/right is my first aim, along with pursuing different set up: amplification on the front wall with short speaker cables and the rack with all the other pre and sources on the side wall.

Here is my question: where should I put my P20?

On the front wall to feed the amplifiers and subs? I have 2 M1200s and 2 RELs T7/i.

On the rack to feed the rest of the system? BHK Pre, DSD DAC, PST, SPP, TT and Innuos digital stuff. 9 Schuko sockets in total.

A second powerplant is needed I know, at the moment I’m not able to add a second P20 so I’m on the market for a used P15 or other less expensive solution.

Thanks for your experienced suggestions.

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My personal preference would be to power the amps. The sources could use the clean power but don’t need the big reserve capacity that a PP has.
I have a P12running my stack and a P20 for each power amp and sub.
It is primary overkill but it was the only solution for my particular system without spending way too much on long fancy power cords.


I was supposing the same, thank you. Even if my amps are not hungry M1200s.

The new room I’m designing includes also 4 dedicated lines. And a lot of other things I learnt from Paul and members of this forum during last years.

It’s a project of 2 months ago, studying and reading, just to design it in my mind. Now I’m dealing with providers: electrician and carpenter, room treatment engineer from Oudimmo and rack manufacturer SolidSteel. After a drawing I’m planning to schedule next steps for what concern cables (Iconoclast XLR for the long run).

This is the reason why a second regenerator is a cost I need to take care soon.


I think your sources will benefit more than amps from the clean power P20 provides. Some people even prefer their amp to go into the wall directly.

If you have two wall receptacles nearby, you can do an experiment. First plug M1200s into the wall to listen, then replace two sources into the wall to compare.


For the biggest bang for the buck, I would go with option number 2:

On the rack to feed the rest of the system? BHK Pre, DSD DAC, PST, SPP, TT and Innuos digital stuff. 9 Schuko sockets in total.

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Option two, put all your front end gear into the P20 and get a P3 for the two amps and subs. If the subs cause an overload of the P3 put them straight into the wall.

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Thank you. At the front wall then what’s the best solution in your opinion to feed 2 M1200s and 2 REL T7 subs?

4 sockets needed Schuko version and a second P20 is too much for my budget, even if second hand. I planned to place 2 direct lines/sockets there.

Is a used (budget related) P15 the way to go to achieve the best SQ for M1200s and subs all fed in one PowePlant?

Thanks Paul.

Thanks, using a P3 (Schuko model here) are you suggesting to go:
2 High Current sockets for subs 200W each
2 regenerated sockets for M1200s
Is it right?

I tend to prefer feeding all 4 units with a unique regenerator. Don’t know how the P3 can perform for the purpose, I had two P12s before and a P20 recently but this is my first experience, never had amplification separated from the rest of the system.

Yes, and in the grand scheme of things I think that the subs are the least likely of the components to benefit from regeneration. So for cost and size it’s what I would try first. I’ve run my whole front end into the regenerated sockets of the P3 and a stereo amp with equal to the draw of your two subs into the HC socket for several years with no ill effects or indication of overload. With the subs at a lower crossover point and with the volume set to be non-obtrusive they won’t be pulling that much current anyway.

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Agree. I plugged the two REL S3/SHOs to the wall, paired with decent power cables and wall outlets. P20 fed with dedicated power line / higher current breaker serves the rest (digital and analog sources, pre and power amps).

Did not want to start a new thread, just for this:


What a combo!



Gorgeous! And it should literally sound great too!

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