uPNP client not able to find Bridge II

I have upgrade my Bridge 2 firmware to: 3.686.
Bridge 2 network info page show a IP addresses assign. I can ping to that IP address from my laptop which has IP address in the same subnet.

However none of the uPnP clients on my laptop can see the Bridge 2.

Any one encountered similar problem? how did you solve it.

Thanks for all advises in advance.


Can you reload the old firmware to confirm that it still works?

Do you mean reload the older version fo Bridge 2 firmware?

Yes. I was thinking that you could make sure that nothing else happened when you loaded the new B2 firmware. Loading the old version will confirm that.

Thanks for your reply.

Where can I download the old firmware for Bridge 2?

I can’t find it on PS audio site

Come to think of it, the B2 updates are done through the front panel aren’t they? You may have to try the DirectStream Bridge Rescue download. Apologies for giving you the wrong information.

Where can I find DS Bridge Rescue sw?

Can you email me the download link?

It’s under the Download Software and Guides section.