Url of BRIDGE II renderer on local netwirk

I want to stream audio from linux laptop to my BRIDGE II on my home networ. There’s a linux server called pulseaudio-dlna which looks almost built for the task. It should be able to discover the renderers on the network much as the usual control points (MControl etc) do. That’s not working. Failing that I should be able to point it directly at the renderer as a url something like http://my.local.ip.number:port/possible-string. my.local.ip.number depends on network configuration but I can find it. Does anyone know what port and possible-string should be?

Try port 1900 with no string. 1900 is the standard DLNA port for UPnp. You may need to look at the router to get the IP address if it was assigned by DHCP. Probably a good idea to look at the router in any case to see if any IP address is assigned. If not, call PS Audio tech support for ideas on how to get the router to assign an IP or you may be able to setup a static IP address.

I have a DirectStream Junior (which has an inbuilt Bridge 2). My broadband router is a standard Sky Hub 2.
Logging in to the router I set the DHCP server to reserve to So it issues IP addresses only above (The router itself defaults to Devices on my network that I want to have a fixed IP address I give an address at or below I set my DirectStream Junior to have a fixed IP address by using the front panel controls (see the manual). Now I always know my DirectStream Junior’s IP address!