Need some help connecting bridge ll to my network

If someone could help me I would be very grateful. I know very little about networking.

Recently I updated the firmware and installed Snowmass. Now the network icon on the front panel is red and there are all 0s for the settings where the ip addresses should be.
On my pc, I ran ipconfig/all and found the addresses for ipv4, subnet, gateway, and primary DNS server. There was no secondary dns server.

I manually entered the addresses on the bridgell page on the dac. The dhcp icon is red. When I touch that it says “ip:not connected”. And there are no entries on this page.

I have an app on my phone called Fing that tells me the bridgell is active and using address

How should I set this up?

PerfectWave 2 upgraded to direct stream with bridge ll
JRiver Media Center

Try rebooting the entire network including the router and then turn on each piece in order after the one before it is completely re-set and see if the Bridge sees the network then when you turn it on last.

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Also, if you put in the forum search box you’ll find lots of information.

Thanks guys. Will try that this AM